New 3DS Color. New Wii Bundle.

In Japan, Nintendo is releasing new hardware bundles this month, and a new hardware colour next.

On June 23, a Wii bundle with Wii Sports Resort and an extra Wii Remote Plus goes on sale in Japan for ¥20,000 (US$$250).

The following month, on July 14, Nintendo is releasing a "Fire Red" Nintendo 3DS for ¥25,000 ($313). Currently, the 3DS is available in Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue in Japan.


    New colours already? The 3DS must really be struggling, usually new colours only come out to boost sales and revitalise interest. Especially a colour people want, like red.

      They showed off like 5-6 colours at 3DS launch. Including Orange, red, purple and I believe green.

      3.6 millions units in the first month isnt bad.. they Forecast 4 million.. Hardly a flop.

        The purple is awesome.

    Red 3ds. Give it to meeeee

    Red is nice and all, but I still need a game to play on it.

    Green.. Where the heck is my green? I was secretly hoping they would launch a Special Edition 3DS in green packed with Ocarina.

    One can hope no?

    Funnily, the bright fire red 3DS that Nintendo used as a preliminary console last E3 looked even better.

    i wantttttttt yellowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww y not i love dat colorrr i want yelloooooowww or gold

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