New Catherine Screens Are The Stuff Of Vincent’s Sheep-Infested Nightmares

New Catherine Screens Are The Stuff Of Vincent’s Sheep-Infested Nightmares
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When sexy time is over and Vincent is done dealing with with Katherine and Catherine-related drama, he lays down his head and the real challenge begins. Enter the woolly world of nightmare in these latest Catherine screens.

Vincent and friend spend their waking hours hanging out at the Stray Sheep, a trendy little bar where the PBRs flow like incredibly cheap, poor-tasting beer. In his nightmares Vincent is a stray sheep, learning tips and tricks to help navigate the precariously stacked block towers he must surmount in order to survive. You’d think one of them would sell him a wool coat or something so he didn’t have to do all that climbing in his boxers, but no. Stupid sheep.


    • It says that in the Japanese version too. It’s one of the only pieces of English text in the game.

      I’m really enjoying it so far, but I’ve not been able to pick up on any story. Plus, it’s punishingly hard.

      But the style is fantastic. Will be picking it up once released locally.

    • what is it? … Well, for starters, it’s a crappy dopey anime styled game that looks every bit as boring and uninteresting as all the other anime that looks just like it. For this silly outing they throw a whole bunch of random scenes and characters together to try and come off as groundbreaking and irreverent. A bunch of unconnected imagery … how David Lynch of them.

      • Someones a tad bit ignorant arent they 😛

        This will be fun IMO 🙂

        Before passing judgment on this may I just ask what sort of games you enjoy playing so I can antagonise them like you are


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