New Grand Theft Auto Game By 2012?

According to a rumour published by Gamespot, game development for Grand Theft Auto V is well under way, and it's likely we'll see the game being released in 2012.

Gamespot are claiming that sources state this next game is "the big one", and will be vast in terms of scale.

There can be little doubt that Rockstar is in the process of creating the next entry into the GTA franchise, the only question is when. 2012 may be a reasonable estimate...

What are you guys hoping to see from the next Grand Theft Auto game?

Sources close to Rockstar Games say latest installment in blockbuster franchise is already getting final touches; 2012 release "pretty likely." [Gamespot]


    I'd like some regional areas, I must have wasted so much time in San Andreas just roaring through the country on a dirt bike.

      and who can forget stealing a combine harvester and driving through the little country towns running people over to see them reduced to body parts out the back!! Ahhh the sweet memories :D

    Fun would be nice. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed GTAIV lots, but part of me missed San Andreas's 10 meter bunny-hops on a BMX, Fighter Jets and cross-country cop killing mayhem for hours on end. GTAIV just lost part of that enjoyment moving everything to being more realistic, to the point where I was just playing through the story then not even coming back for what made the GTA3 series so enjoyable - just going out and fucking shit up.


    That seem so close for Rockstar though. Usually they'll announce it, not give details for a few years, THEN release it.

    I would like to see a brand new city, and a less serious approach. IV was good and all, but it didn't even come close to SA or even VC imo (in terms of sheer fun and re playability).

    Take it back to the 80's, Vice City was by far the most fun and well written game in the franchise.

      I second this. It had a glorious mix of style, flair, retro and hilarious, not to mention the complicated crime scene. I would adore another trip to the 80s.

      Or at least an 80's licensed music channel. That was the bit I enjoyed the most. Doing SRII now and I'm stuck on the flashback channel.

      I third this.. GTA Vice City was the best by far!.. The soundtrack still gets regular plays on my Boom box!

      and don't forget Ray Liotta voicing Tommy Vercetti. A perfect piece of casting by Rockstar

    I'm hoping to see it return to being fun again, like Vice City.

    GTA4 had so much to do but so little of it was fun.

    I just hope it's more of a return to the GTA III / San Andreas style. Couldn't get interested in the characters or story of GTA IV, didn't have the same appeal or open world feel.

    A little bit more variety in the open world. I really don't need a bigger city, but one where there are more interactive objects than cars, and more interactive people than... well none. I'd love to see GTA blur the boundary between their style of action game and RPG just a little. Make it mean something somehow to do petty crimes, taxi jobs, or ... couldn't you drive an ambulance in San Andreas? Put meaningful characters in the open world, not just in cinematics.

    They've got the architecture and landscape thing down to a science. I want to be able to engage with that world a bit more.

    I'm not expecting much, but I hope they take the game international, maybe heading to Japan with the recent Hollywood popularity the location has been garnering.
    London is another popularity if they want to step up the crowd side of things, with a variety of cars, traffic jams tand crowded streets to deal with.

      I've really got to read my posts carefully before I post them.

      London could be freaking awesome - especially if they got Guy Ritchie on board for story elements :P

        London would be alright so long as they don't think everyone talks like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.

        IF we are really lucky maybe we will have a few cities from around the world?? even if you did have to disk change for each country it would be a cool way to tell a drug smuggling story.

    Here's a nice wrap-up of the 'potentials' for the next in the series.

    I feel like I've got a plunger stuck to my head with this game on the end of it. Too many rumours for one simpleton to handle.

    Quite frankly they could just have stick figures running around a blank screen and I would still buy it just so I can put it with the rest of my GTA games. I liked SA the best though. I really got into the whole "protect my hood" feeling. I also liked going to the gym and shopping so I hope they have more of that sort of thing. Also the country music station was by far the most entertaining thing I have heard this century.

    Vice was good but I grew up in the 80's and found it reminded me of my dad for some reason so I had trouble really getting into it. Vice city stories was right up there however.

      I loved the RPG aspects of San Andreas it would be good to see a return of that I think and especially the turf wars and those missions where you would intercept the drug couriers - loved em!

      K-ROSE was better than I expected, but I loved WCTR, esp for Gardening with Maurice and I Say/You Say!

    Humour is paramount. GTAIV suffered big time for not being funny enough (and not compensating with good enough drama or a high-stakes story).

    I hope they fix the traveling time to failed objectives thing. On GTA4, I spent way too much time failing a mission, then having to drive all the way across the city again to re-trigger it. Frustrating!

    That and I didn't find the gun play / targeting all that intuitive. It felt a little clunky. Hopefully that combat system will see a bit of polishing - similar to how the combat and navigation improved between Uncharted 1 and 2.

      Couldn't you just jump in a taxi and it'd take you right back to your mission?

        You actually recieve a text message on your in-game phone.
        Upon reading the message you have the option to restart the mission instantly.

    More Eastern Bloc Male characters that dont understand "american values" or D

    More Eastern Bloc Male characters that dont understand "american values" or Duke Nukem with no "american values" and has a pallate swap with a troll.

    I really hope I can get multiple safehouses and loading from mission checkpoints. I haven't yet finished GTA IV because of that.

    if they expand from san adreas id be pretty damn stoked.

    Really happy to hear this, been looking forward to another GTA for a while now :)

    I'd like to see a functional PC version whose poor optimisation isn't then further crippled by three or four separate DRM systems stacked on top of each other.

    Also I always wanted a GTA game that let you ride skateboards THPS2-style and maybe do some BMX and skating competitions as side missions like the arena racing in Vice City.

    I hope they sat down and played the Saints Row games to remember why GTA games were fun...

      if you want the gang stuff that will be so boring.

    Set it late 60's-early 70's, during the death of the Age of Love.

    Muscle Cars, Vietnam War, Black Power, police brutality, political corruption, Cold War, the cocaine explosion in the US.

    So much good stuff to use during this time! Plus did I mention THE MUSCLE CARS!!

    I love a new GTA game soon. I really hope they have a new location, preferably somewhere outside US.

    Take it back to Vice, add regional areas and set it in the 80s. That's a winner for me. I just want a nice large city to run around causing mayhem in.

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