New Hitman: Absolution 'In-Game' Screenshots Leaked

The first 'in-game' screenshots from Hitman: Absolution have just leaked, and they're looking, well... quite Batman: Arkham Asylum-esque. Not that that's a bad thing. Quite the opposite in fact. The game is looking quite spiffing in our humble opinion.

Thanks to Speedymanic at Neogaf for the heads up.



      Exactly my thoughts. I could see this being almost exactly the same as Conviction (only with costume changes).

        If you think this will be anything like COnviction you're unfamiliar with the franchise.

    Awesome. Don't screw this up IO Interactive. *shakes fist*

    The shadowing in that first screen is incredible.

    there's nothing "in-game" looking to these screenshots, imo

    We probably would have said that about Uncharted 2 as well Sarge. I'll admit, I'm always skeptical, but I would rather be happily surprised than cynical :P

    Mission: just get off that ledge without killing yourself...

    When did 47 start climbing stuff?

    (Note: I haven't played Hitman in while, so he may have started climbing stuff since then...)

      Started climbing in Bloodmoney

    Please, oh benevolent Gods of Gaming, I beg of you...let Kane and Lynch be targets to eliminate in this. 47 deserves no less.


    Please oh please dont screw this up.

    Oh god, please don't make this for consoles and port to PC (read "please don't screw this up").

    I know this isn't anything new to the Hitman series, but is it just me, or does Agent 47 have a HUGE head in the first screenshot?

    Excellent. Has been awhile.
    Top screen shot agent 47 looks like a bald Christopher Meloni. LAO SVU detective

    i have the biggest erection right now

    This game, without a doubt, is the one thing that I have been truly excited about for a LONG, LONG time. I've played all the other HITMAN's to death...mostly BLOOD MONEY, which I know how to finish with my eyes closed. Those screenshots look stunning. Man, I can't wait!

    That first screen has a massive Assassin's Creed II vibe about it, specifically the Templar Lair sections. First thing I did when looking at it was start compulsively looking for a route along all those white sheet-covered trestles...

    He probably came through the (glass) roof ;). Keep that in mind for the future :p

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