New Warhammer 40,000 Arcade Shooter Doesn’t Seem Very Warhammer-y

New Warhammer 40,000 Arcade Shooter Doesn’t Seem Very Warhammer-y

When I think Warhammer 40,000 I’m thinking deep strategic battles and hours spent hovering over a table covered with painstakingly painted metal figures; epic wars fought on a grand scale. I definitely don’t think fast-paced cooperative arcade shooter. Someone evidently did, however, and that’s why there’s Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, coming next month to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network from THQ.

Kill Team casts players as members of an elite team of Space Marines infiltrating a gigantic Ork Cruzer en route to an Imperial Forge World. Players can choose one of four classes – Sternguard Veteran, Techmarine, Vanguard Veteran or Librarian – and team up with each other to take on Orks and Tyranids either alone or via same-screen two-player co-op.

From what I’m seeing in the trailer and screens, the game is very reminiscent of Valve’s Alien Swarm, another co-op arcade shooter set on a spaceship in which multiple classes of characters must fight their way through hordes of vile enemies to survive and triumph.

What the game doesn’t remind me of is Warhammer 40,000. Still, fans should at least enjoy the Power Sword they’ll unlock for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine‘s multiplayer they’ll earn by completing the first chapter of Kill Team, so that’s something.

Kill Team is priced at 800 Microsoft points (or $US9.99 real money points) and is slated for release next month.


  • I like the idea. I love the warhammer worlds, factions and characters. But I don’t like the hours on end strategy. Give me a marine with a big gun and the chance to run in and shoot. Perfect combination.

  • its funny that you say painstakingly painted metal models, since warhammer has just decided to change all their metal models to resin

  • I wonder why there are a bunch of tyranids on an ork cruiser.

    I will probably pick this up. Looks like good fast paced co-op fun. Would be good if you could play with more people online thou.

    • Orcs occasionally use space hulks for travel, using their rare psykers to control them. Often Tyranids are within the space hulks before the orcs arive.
      Sorry had to get my nerd on.

      This game looks awesome btw

      • Green scum!! I always loved taking out a bunch of orcs with my lemon russ’ battle cannon.

        in fact hitting anything with a battle cannon is pretty fun, apart from when it scatters onto your own troops.

  • “800 Microsoft points (or $US9.99 real money points)”

    I lol’d.

    As for this… ehhhh. I love me some w40k but eeeeeh.

  • good or not this is totally 40k. a small squad of guys with oversized guns go and kill a bunch of gribly aliens. The only way it could be more 40k would be to add more skulls and giant Pauldrons.

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