Nintendo Asks Questions About Wii U, Nintendo Answers Them

“Iwata Asks” is a regular feature on Nintendo’s official site in which Nintendo president Satoru Iwata asks questions about hardware and games his company makes. This time, Iwata asks Mario creator about the Wii U.


    • Pretty much everyone who has used one has remarked on how light and comfortable it actually is though.

  • Eurgh. Circle Pads. Here I thought they were only for handhelds due to constraints of remaining flush. Nintendo made the best thumbsticks in the business…

  • The controller is way to big, they should of gone for a 5.8″ screen, removed some of the white space above and below the screen and fixed the positioning of the L and R buttons.

    As for people claiming the controller is easy to use — sure it is provided you aren’t going to hold the L or R buttons along with the triggers and circle pads while having access to face buttons ( which is what every fps will require)

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