Nintendo Believe That Media Reports Alerted The Classification Board

We've just gotten off the phone with a second Nintendo representative who informed us that, despite what retailers have been told, Nintendo are not seeking out an MA15 rating specifically. We've also been informed that it appears as though the media storm concerning Dead or Alive Dimensions and its photography mode was what alerted the Classification Board.

Nintendo also re-confirmed that when it first decided to distribute the game, Dead or Alive Dimensions had already been classified PG, after THQ, the initial distributor, had sent the game in for classification.

"We have a really good relationship with the ACB," the rep claimed, "when we decided to distribute the game, it had already been classified PG, and we took it on good faith that it was accurate rating.

The rep added that Nintendo had no problems with getting the game reclassified.

"We're absolutely fine with the situation. And we're happy to provide the ACB with whatever they need."


    Jesus Christ and all his angels. Will there come a time when the classification board's decisions regarding video games AREN'T confusing and inconsistent? Is it just a room filled with monkeys drinking schnapps or what?

      I think you're pretty right, except for the schnapps part. I believe it's tequila. I know plenty of people who drink schnapps who are still quite capable of making sensible arguments. 2 Tequilas and they're stupid however!

        You are both wrong... its pee they are drinking, in between all the poo they are flinging around.

      I think you're pretty right too, except for Jesus and his angels. THere's no such thing as angels, and even if there were they wouldn't be Jesus's angels, they be god's angels.

      And Jesus would be all like, 'Dad can I take the angels tonight, Magdalena and I are going to the movies?', and God would be like, 'Aw hell naw you're talking my angels any where, gonna get them all scratched up in stuff'.

    So the draconian ACB got freaked out due to overseas news and decided that the Australian people needed to bubble wrapped and treated like ignorant newborn babies once again.

    I am so out of here the second I can afford to go.

    So what's the problem exactly, THQ didn't tell the board about the photography mode?

      Correct, and the photography mode is a component which *may* place the game into a higher classification level and as such the publisher had an obligation to appraise the ACB of that aspect. Because they didn't the classification is revoked and Nintendo will need to resubmit in line with the requirements (including detail on the photography mode).

      Sounds like THQ rushed the original classification submission / weren't across the game's content or some of those putting the submission together hadn't completed the ACB's training program.

    Australia is a backwards nanny state.

    This government is full of f♥cking clowns.
    The media here reward stupidity.

    F♥ck Australia.

      Little overboard, don't cha think?

      This is just more proof the ACB is ineffective. If they had been sent the game and they couldn't see anything wrong with rating it PG then they obviously don't thoroughly check out the games that are submitted.

        Actually, I think he's spot on there.

      Correct. Agree 100% there.

        +1. I for one am very very tired of being told what I can watch/read/play in my own damn home.

    Hey Mark, next time you have Nintendo on the phone, do you think it's worth asking them why we're getting shafted with the prices on the 3DS eStore? I mean, it's not like they have to worry about undercutting a retail store like Steam does...

      Supply and demand.

      They're the only supplier... so they can charge what they want.

      Pretty sure Nintendo would ransom customers' own mothers if they thought they could get away with it. They probably could, actually...

    So, what's the go here? Is it being banned, or just re-classified?

      Being reclassified still leaves the option for it to be refused classification (i.e. banned)

      Had it's classification revoked, so banned.

    Hang on a tic, don't the classification board have to LOOK at things before they classify them? Is this a secret option thats only unlocked if you collect the hidden letters in every level to spell out 'paedophile'?

    ok here is the rating for DOA: Extreme 2

    And I do believe this video is from in game....

      Ah, but isn't Kasumi over 18?

      The problem with the 3DS version of DoA is that there are characters "under the age of 18" or, not specifically said to be over 18.

        Ayane is 16, Kokoro and Kasumi is 17, Hitomi is 18.

          Why Wasn't this game baned in 2006?

    The hammer has been dropped according to SMH

      SMH know shit-all about games, or anything vaguely technological for that matter.

      Classification has been withdrawn, so it's currently without any classification and can't be sold. It hasn't been/won't be 'banned' until it's resubmitted and gets refused.

    This was all instigated by Brendan O'Connor, the guy who is supposed to be our saviour.

    "Following reports that the game was being sold in Australia with a PG rating, the Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O'Connor, asked the Classification Board to re-examine the game and its rating."

    Screw you O'Connor.

      See? SEE? I told you all that he wasn't to be trusted!

    As an aside...

    to anyone who has read this "Expose" on SMH can anyone tell me how to unlock that secret character Koroke? =P

    I mean i know Kokoro is one of the gals from DoA but never heard of a Koroke
    (sarcasm off)

    I'm being a nitpicky bastard here but hell if their going to be nitpicky about the "age" contention of the characters (something easily solved w/ the magical prowess of editing called removing the "Age" part of the characters stats) then I get to be nitpicky on this piece of "journalistic" tripe in return..

    Hysterical media pandering headline - check

    Shitty Journalism w/ about almost all the article lifted from another piece + unrelated crap + pointless opinions added w/ the joys of not even proof reading your information - check

    Posting said "article" as a headline on online SMH and making it a non commentable article - genius!

    Good grief and here I was at one point saying SMH is probably the least tabloid like of all the "legit" newspapers out there...

    Also, in the Australian version their ages are not specified.

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