Nintendo Has Crushed Your Dreams Of A Zelda 25th Anniversary Compilation

This being the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo of America thought it'd be an awesome idea to celebrate with the release of a special compilation of the series. Nintendo Japan said, um, nothankyou.jpg.

Yes, as insane as that may sound, while the idea of throwing a bunch of old Zelda games on a Wii disc and selling them to rabid fans seems completely logical, both Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto cock-blocked the proposal.

Why? Because they did it for Mario last year, and didn't want to do the same thing two years in a row. Re-releasing Ocarina of Time for money on the 3DS probably played a part as well.

The last time we got a serious collection of Zelda games was in 2003, when the collector's edition of Wind Waker included a bonus disc that bundled Zelda, Zelda II, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.



    I can understand that, I mean when has Nintendo ever re-released something before?

    blah, jerks! Zelda fans need something like this!

    "Special Edition" Skyward Sword will come with a compilation disc...

    I have my Zelda Collectors addition for my Gamecube still, must dig it out sometime

    Makes sense I guess...but come on they'd make a ton of money off it!

    "The last time we got a serious collection of Zelda games was in 2003, when the collector’s edition of Wind Waker included a bonus disc that bundled Zelda, Zelda II, Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask."

    The Wind Waker collector's edition was a different bonus disc in the same packaging that only included Ocarina of Time and Master Quest.

    The "Zelda's Collector's Edition" for the GCN described, was a different promo that was obtained by buying a console in that period, or sending 2x GCN game barcodes to Nintendo.

      Or if you lucked out like me, on the shelf in K-Mart by someone who failed to read 'Do not sell separately' for 5 bucks.

    And here I thought Nintendo liked money

    For Mario's 25th, they basically threw an emulator and the CRAPPIER copy of the SNES game Super Mario All Stars (the one WITHOUT Super Mario World) onto a Wii disc and hit puree.

    It's a sad state when it's more faithful to get a USB SNES controller, ROM and emulator than to BUY a FULL PRICE TITLE.

    And this time they couldn't be stuffed.
    Could it be because they released a lazy "new" product? Cashing in with 1% effort?

    If you own the Wii anniversary game, take a look at the menus. See the art for the controllers?


    F*** you Ninty, no biscuit, get in the damn dog house!

      I don't remember S.M.World EVER being in any mario collection.

      As for the Zelda no-compilation decision, is anyone REALLY suprised given their recent treatment of hard core Nintendo fans?

      Keep making these stupid decisions Nintendo and see how many people buy U's.

        You missed out on the best collection of Mario games.

          ooh! Is that pic for real, for real? You had one in real life? How on earth did I miss that?

    While it would have been nice, but due to already owning every single console Zelda in some form or other, I'm really not that fussed. Now, if they released a bundle of the GameBoy games I'd be all over that.

    Nintendo routinely trolls humanity by releasing masterpieces and then subsequently making decisions as though they're run by mentally handicapped squirrels... it's getting old

    .... I guess that means nothing for Metroid then either. Sigh.

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