Nintendo Honcho Vs A Stupid Question

There's a saying that the only stupid question is an unasked one. That's not true.

Earlier this week, Nintendo held its investors' meeting. Shareholders were able to ask Nintendo brass questions. One of them was dumb!

Don't believe me? Here's the question:

I worry about the stock's falling price. I own stocks, but I do not own a single Nintendo product. I think gaming is a waste of time. This is a digression, but the reason why I own Nintendo stocks is because the company name is good, it's located in Kyoto, and the stock's listing was the year I was born.


That's not really a question.

Amazingly, Iwata replied without throwing his shoe at this shareholder. Iwata said, "Nintendo continues on because there are people who do not think video games are a waste of time."

Continuing, Iwata added, "We want to change the thinking that playing video games by yourself is negative or the thinking that video games should be blamed every time there's a crime. We want to increase the importance of games in society. We want to increase the gaming population to increase people like you."

Wow. Just. Wow. For all the silly things Nintendo does and all the silly things they release, this basic M.O. is anything but. You might not agree with how Nintendo is trying to expand gaming, but bless 'em for trying.

任天堂の株主総会で馬鹿げた質問をした株主はゲームの「ゲ」の字も知らないド素人だった [はちま起稿]

Top photo: David McNew/Getty


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