Nintendo Talks Wii U Game Pricing

Nintendo has already talked Wii U pricing. While the Kyoto-based electronics giant didn't give an exact figure, company honcho Satoru Iwata did say that he doesn't think Nintendo can charge the same price it does for the Wii.

But how much will Wii U games be? Iwata talked to CNBC about game pricing in very broad terms. As CNBC pointed out, PS3 and Xbox 360 games are priced at US$60 (and higher); however, Wii games are priced lower.

Since it's more costly to make hi-def games, Iwata did agree that some top titles could very well be priced higher than what Wii games go for. According to Iwata, that won't be true with all games.

"I think there is already some indication that the [current pricing]trend is going to stay here," Iwata said.

"When you consider some of the most popular franchise—such as Call of Duty or Madden—the publishers can afford to affix a rather expensive price tag on that because the franchise has a premium value."

"On the other hand," Iwata continued, "without an established franchise, they cannot afford to keep that expensive price tag. I believe there will be a wider price range."

Good news for players. Good news for players' wallets.

E3 2011-Special Report-Nintendo Chief Says Investors Overreacted to Wii UC [CNBC Thanks, Michael!]

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    So in other words, the only games we'll buy for this thing, the Zeldas, the Marios etc, will all be US$6o.

    Iwata is being generous to Activision, describing COD as one of the most popular franchises.

    Oh, wait -did Reggie forget to tell him they failed to get Activision on board with the Wii U?

      That's funny, there's a gentleman running around calling himself Eric Hirshberg who claims to be the head of Activision Publishing, a business unit inside Activision Blizzard. He goes on to claim that Activision Publishing is going to support the WiiU, that they're expecting that multi-platform releases will be a "more analogous experience", and "that [Nintendo are] making a more connected, more HD, more state-of-the-art platform is music to our ears".

      He's clearly a crazy man. Activision don't want free money!

    Oi. Try $100 in Australia. Stop complaining about your $60USD ($55AUD). We're paying nearly double that.

      At face value, yeah it's close to double... but perhaps you should look at the minimum wage over in the US...

      Relatively speaking, we are on par with the US, in some cases slightly better off.

        oggob can you elaborate or care to link my ignorant self.

        I just seem to read contradicting statements in support or against the retail industry.

        My logic assumes, importer buys games from overseas with Australian dollar. Australian dollar at parity with US, importer should be able to buy quantity at parity.

          I thought minimum wage in the US was US $7 an hour where the minimum wage in Australia is AUS $14 an hour.

          Nevertheless, at least here in the UK I've never noticed Wii games get priced less than 360/PS3 games on release (Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy were all £40 on release, the usual 360/PS3 price). However, on some games I did notice PS3 prices were higher.

          It'd be nice if *one* console-maker started to put games out cheaper - even the download-only games on the PSP Go were usually more expensive than in the shops.

            Minimum wage is only relevant when put into perspective with cost of living. Cost of living is soaring in Australia at the moment. Just got our quarterly gas/electricity bill. $650 and there's only 2 of us. Gotta love living in NW Melbourne.

              Melbourne's currently the most expensive place to buy property in the Western World, 2nd most expensive in the entire world. Go us... won't be getting out of the rent trap anytime soon :(

          No-one likes paying for more for games, and it's an all too common kneejerk reaction to bemoan Aussie game prices when not all factors are taken into account.

          Cost of living in the US is lower, but so are most salaries. Australia has an overall lower population density, it's less profitable to put a game on a shelf here compared to the US. We have higher import taxes than most countries. Our $100 AUD also includes GST, whereas in the US, sales tax is added on top of the $60 USD and % depends on state.

          Additionally, you're describing private gaming importers ie. online stores. And you're right, that's how almost no retail store can match Ozgameshop/Zavvi prices. But local retailers need to go through a lot more (and costly) legal red tape, their games need to be cleared by Australian classification boards, etc.

          You're nearly right, but after the distributor gets it into a retail store, that retail store needs to add on the cost of their rent, bills and staff as well as adding a profit margin before selling it to you.

          Just one of the problems with having brick-and-mortar stores in the 21st century.

          First of all, importers will be buying from the EU and not the US, AU has been associated with EU all this time, because we have the PAL TV format.

          AU Min Wage - $14.31, US Min Wage - $7.25 (Federal), UK Min Wage - £5.93

          Look at the RRP of games, JUST the RRP, ignore Day 1 sales, etc.

          AU RRP - $109.99, US RRP - $59.99, UK RRP - £49.99

          So to buy a game, you need to work for...

          AU 7.69hrs, US 8.27hrs, UK 8.43hrs

          It's not a huge difference, but it actually shows that our prices are actually quite fair against the rest of the world.

          Like both Steve0410 & Penmonicus have said, there are many factors... Basically every publisher (EA, Activision, Sony, MS, Nintendo) have local offices in this country also, they would all have budgets for marketing of games but also the staff in those offices. Ideally the company would like to cover the cost of these offices with the local sales of the games.

          So they sell to distributors, distributors to stores, stores to you. everyone along the way has to cover their operating costs also, costs which are based on AU factors, so eventually we end up with the RRP.

          I completely agree that at the moment with our dollar so strong against alot of currencies that we can save a bundle by buying overseas, but I guess I'm getting sick and tired of stories that mention any form of pricing end up a bitch fest of how we are getting ripped off. Are we really?

          I mean the other thing that annoys me is that prices haven't really changed that much over the last 20 years, we were still roughly paying $100 for SNES/MD games, and I'm sure everyone remembers Street Fighter II for $149 back in the day.

      You gotta admit that games are more like $80-90 now (unless your a moron shopping at EB)

      See this >>>

      Apart from 2 games they are all under $90.

      One the 2 thats $100 is COD BLOPS and thats more than $60 in the US too.

    I am expecting the Wii U to have a higher price then the Wii in every possible way. For what Nintendo what's to achieve they have to prepared to have a higher price on the Console, its games and accessories.

      Why? 3DS games are priced the same as DS games on the same shelf.

        One of the DSi downloadable games is $11 on 3dsware and $65 at JB

        Just one of those things :P

    I'm sorry, I can understand the reason effects heavy TV shows cost more to make in HD sure, but I fail to see how making games in HD costs more than games that arent.

      Object, architecture, sound design, animation costs all go up as they become more complex.

      Technology does progress to make games cheaper in some respects, but what it costs to make games now is comparable to inflation.

      It costs money to make complex games. Look at development costs between GTA 4 and Wii Sports.

      Wii couldn't make the resolution for HD, but it also couldn't produce the complexities of 360 and ps3. Wii U will be able to, game costs will have to reflect that.

        * I meant not comparable to inflation.

        There's no reason effects heavy TV cost more in HD either. Since 35mm film as a standard has been dropped, everything is filmed in 1080 resolution now.

        It costs no more to make this than it does in 480. Only feasible difference is cost in distribution due to bandwidth but this is become negligible.

    F**k this console

      Why would you want to f**k a console? Isn't that a little sick? Maybe you should think about having relationships with other people instead of toys.

        I quite literally laughed out loud at this comment!

    And Australian prices will forever be too high despite our awesome dollar.

    Game prices here = $80-90
    Game prices online = $50-$60

    Wake up Australia. Stop buying from these stores that rip us off and buy them online.

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