Nintendo Used 360, PS3, PC Game Footage In Its Wii U Demo Reel

Nintendo Used 360, PS3, PC Game Footage In Its Wii U Demo Reel
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This morning, Nintendo showed off a highlight reel of third-party games supposedly running on its new Wii U console. They looked great. Turns out that footage wasn’t running on anything of the sort.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told GameTrailers that the footage – of games like Ghost Recon and Darksiders II – was instead culled from the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the games.

He says the reason for this is that Nintendo is still “a year away from when the console will launch”.

You can catch the full interview in the clip above.


  • Oh. My God. Lol.

    I take back the miniscule amount of credit I gave Nintendo. And once again congratulate them on setting gaming back at least 5 years. Good stuff.

    • The Wii U has superior hardware to everything except the PC. What are you all flipping a shit about? Clearly it’ll look better when it’s released than the videos they’ve already shown, so they understated themselves.

      • Perhaps. I can’t talk because I haven’t looked at the hardware specs. What I do know is that this brings doubt on things, as others have said. Why do that, unless you’re hiding something? Furthermore, all developers have stated they are making VERSIONS of their games for the Wii U. Which is especially obvious with Ninja Gaiden 3, which isn’t actually Ninja Gaiden 3, it’s Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. The fact they need to make different games exclusively for the system means one of three things.

        1: Nintendo are forcing their third-party developers to implement the controller in some way, thus requiring different games.

        2: The hardware is unfriendly to the other platforms and will require very different development, which will mean fewer cross-platform games.

        3: Their hardware is not as powerful as they are claiming and cannot actually keep up with the others.

        Take your pick, none of them are pretty.

        • 4. Or they just said version as in port.

          It’s just a more technical terminology. For example, you’ll hear people say “the PS3 version of Battlefield 3,” etc.

          Why use the footage from the other platforms? Because the Wii U ports aren’t done yet. Remember that we’re over a year out from release, and the Wii U SDK is not done yet. Given that, there’s no way that 3rd party developers could have ports functional already. They just wanted to show that the games were coming to the Wii U.

          Oh, and they wouldn’t have to make entirely new games to use the second screen. If a developer can make a game for two platforms as different as the xbox 360 and PS3, they could add a third. With a extra functionality too. For example, they don’t have to make a new Mass Effect 3 for xbox 360 just because it can use Kinect.

          • From memory, Nintendo often forces their developers to use their gimmicks. I couldn’t find anything to back that up so I’m just going off memory here, but I swear I recall Nintendo requiring people to, in some way, use both the DS’ and Wii’s gimmicks early in their life span or they wouldn’t let them develop for it. Something about not wanting developers to just ignore the features en masse. That’s what I meant with the ‘forcing people to make use of the second screen’ thing.

            Again I could be wrong, if anyone could back up or debunk that it’d be great.

            Disregarding all that though, it wasn’t the fact they used footage from other consoles that is making people doubt them, it’s the fact they did that and did not admit it until well after the conference, during smaller interviews with individual websites and such that well over half of potential buyers will never hear about.

            Most of Nintendo’s current userbase will hear about the Wii U on mainstream news. Mainstream news will show a few clips from E3 including that game reel. They will have no idea none of that footage was from the Wii U, and Nintendo knows that.

  • Ugh, congrats Nintendo, you’ve now cast doubt into what your new console can actually do.

    I am going to remain skeptical about what the graphics can do until I see real time rendered footage.

    • Well, I’m fairly sure the demo they had with Zelda is on the Wii U hardware. I guess you can judge it by that.

      • Yes the Zelda Demo was real-time Weeoo (i can say it but only if I make fun of it).
        I was disappointed but it may explain why the footage they initially showed wasn’t the nextgen+ graphics I expected.


        If that wasn’t their footage does that mean the real stuff will be better?

    • Correction, upon watching the clip it’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds.

      It just meant that we saw the kind of games that will be available on the WiiU but that since they’re still a while away from launching it, they and third party devs haven’t had the chance to craft those games around the tech being used in the WiiU and based on the Zelda demo and such, they’re def not gonna have issues matching (and I think exceeding) current visuals found in the best games.

      Reggie makes sense when he explains why. I think Luke should redo this little article and make it a tad more accurate. This is Kotaku, not Fox News.

  • Can’t say this really bothers me, it seems fairly clear from the tech demos, the console (I won’t say such a horrible name!) will be capable of running the games, and possibly even better than current consoles. I have plenty of concerns over this Ninty’s new beastie but this isn’t really one of them.

    • Hear hear! I can’t believe people are complaining about this when by all intents and purposes this machine is designed to display the graphics capable on the competition’s machines. They’re simple using footage of what a computer capable of running X game can display when their machine is just like said computer.

      Not to mention the tech demos displayed showed capability.

  • I dont see the problem here really, obviously any console they release in 2012 is going to be able to play the games they showed – none of them looked particularly amazing, I’d be surprised if they don’t end up looking better when they are eventually shown running on the system

  • No, this is a good thing.

    Those games looked like shite. And I wasnt impressed at all. But now that I see it was from current gen, then this is very good!

    The tech demo was fantastic……so my faith in Nintendo has increased!!!!

    Bring on the Tokyo game show!!!!!!!!

  • I’m amazed at people who are saying ‘Yeah of course they did, you’re an idiot if you didn’t think that lolz’. Christ.

    The problem is they didn’t make it clear in the press conference.

    Name me another time when a video game company showed games ON OTHER COMPANIES SYSTEMS to show off their own new system & games. When has that ever happened?

    A hell of a lot of the world’s press won’t be paying attention to some post-conference Gametrailers interview and start writing about how the Wii U’s third party games look amazing.

    To show that montage at their conference in full knowledge that some press, no matter how small, may believe they’re looking at Wii U technology is irresponsible of Nintendo.

    • Totally agree. I’m tempted to storm down to the news department and tell them to make a note of that in the inevitable mentioning of it on the 6pm news that blindly promotes it.


    • No one said “you’re an idiot if you didn’t think that lolz.” Hell no one is really defending it as a good choice. It’s just not a big deal, If it had been during a tech demo there would be more of problem, it was just trailers of third party games that were coming to the system, not “running on the system.”

      Name you another time? Uh presumably this E3.. like yesterday? When Sony and Microsoft showed trailers for their 3rd party non exclusives, like say Bioshock Infinite. You really think for a few seconds/mins of footage each company has a trailer with exactly the same footage put together just running on their system? I’d place a good bet that a good deal of 3rd party trailers (trailers like the ones Nintendo showed, not extended gameplay videos) are shot on whichever platform they’re developed natively for, or perhaps equally as likely just on a PC.

      • Plenty of people elsewhere on the internet are defending like it’s a daily occurence and calling people stupid who are surprised about it.

        This isn’t like Far Cry 3 at the Ubisoft conference without saying what platform it’s on. This is Nintendo launching a brand new system. Why isn’t a big deal to show off their new system with games running on other companies current gen systems? It’s like showing a montage of PS4 launch games that are running on a current gen Xbox 360. It makes no sense.

        If Nintendo introduce their (supposedly) next-gen system and then say look at all the third parties who are board, and then show a montage of third party games – why the hell wouldn’t I assume the games I’m seeing are running on a Wii U? And why wouldn’t thousands of others who don’t read gaming blogs after the conference think the same? Why would I instantly think Nintendo are showing PC or PS3 versions when Nintendo barely acknowledge other systems exist and have never done that to launch one of their consoles?

        I’m pretty cynical but I’m not that cynical.

        • Because it’s called Psychology in Marketing.

          Nintendo never told you specifically that what you were seeing is running off their console, they showed you a montage of developers who were on board and you believed what you wanted to.

          Textbook marketing 101.

          You could be convinced from some vague sentiment somewhere during Miyamoto’s speech that NIntendo’s next console were capable of time travel. But it doesn’t make it true.

          Nintendo aren’t responsible for your assumptions.

          No, you’re not cynical. You’re naive.

  • Seriously? This is a shock? LOL I figured most of it was, except maybe Darksiders 2. Most Dev’s would have only had the console a couple of months, a year max to start working on it. Zelda Wii U and the other tech demo’s show exactly whats under the hood, they werent pre-rendered, they were all designed and run on the Wii U hardware.

    Doesnt phase me in the slightest.. Atleast they took the time to show us the games that would be coming on the console, now they have to live up to atleast what has been shown – which appears to be very doable.

  • I would be guessing that some of the developers of those games only discovered they where making a Wiiu version today with everyone else 😀

    If they has hardware they wouldn’t of had enough time to craft anything major to show off yet.

  • I just can’t get over the lack of games anounced, not to mention there wasn’t a single wii u game demoed.

    They say they want to launch next year.
    How on earth are they going to program games that fast? Does Nintendo even have programmers anymore -name a single game asides from Wii Sports/Fit that they have programmed by themselves in the last few years?
    Do they realise that programming a 360/PS3 gen game is not going to happen in 12 months? Amazing.

    Love you Nintendo, but seriously!

  • He is the king of double talk hahaha

    Watch him dodge answering anything meaningfully!

    ITS 1080p! TICK THAT BOX!! I’m not going to say if it will be as good or better than our competitors OLD consoles, what i will say is ITS HIGH DEF!


  • Why would the third party game devs have their games ready this early? You’re a fool if you expected otherwise.

    I love it how the Sony/M$ fans are focused on HD so much. I think what Reggie is trying to say is HD is not everything, so think outside the box.

  • I was glad because the graphics looked crap (better the the original Wii but definately last gen). Why the complaints? All Nintendo were doing is giving people a glimpse of the titles that will be available for the Wii Next Year. They never said they were finished Wii U games. Sure they werent upfront but the best news is that these ‘hardcore games’ are finally making it to a Nintendo console.

    The fact that the games should look better then what was shown should make gamers elated.

    IMO all those complaining simply are Hintendo haters looking for any excuse to hate.

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