Other Retailers Unaware Of Ocarina Of Time Street Date Break

Other Retailers Unaware Of Ocarina Of Time Street Date Break

After the news broke that some EB Stores are planning to begin selling Ocarina of Time tomorrow, we called to check what other retailers are planning, with mixed results.

There is speculation that Nintendo has allowed EB to sell early in response to Gametraders selling the imported, European versions of the game, but the GAME stores we rang have had absolutely no information from head office to that effect.

“If we get word that EB are selling the game early,” one store manager said, “then we’ll start selling it too.”

Another store manager, however, confirmed that they hadn’t even received their Ocarina of Time stock yet.

The message from JB Hifi was a similar one, with a twist.

“We’ve received a memo saying that Gametraders are selling early,” said a JB staff member, “but we’re to wait for further information. We definitely can’t sell it yet. We won’t have our stock in until Friday, maybe Monday.”

It’s an interesting situation. Nintendo could have decided to allow one retailer to sell early, but that would set a precedent that other retailers such as JB Hifi and GAME presumably wouldn’t be too happy about. It is possible that Nintendo would take a less stringent approach given the situation with Gametraders, but at this point it’s unlikely that we’ll ever hear the full story from either party.


  • I have been informed that EB is allowed to sell the game, with Nintendo’s permission, as soon as their stock arrives in stores tomorrow (friday).

    But they have been asked by Nintendo to not broadcast/advertise its availability until its official release date. The customers have to request it specifically if they want it early.

    So it seems Nintendo would prefer to keeps its original release date, yet still allow retailers to sell the game early provided they are not advertising as such.

  • Let’s also remember that Nintendo are trying to maintain a good and exclusivity-based relationship with EB, which places EB in a unique position.

    No doubt some “winks” have been exchanged between both parties.

    • As a Tasmanian who gets to Melbourne once or twice a year, I always ensure a stop at Dungeon Crawl. Buying games from there just feels right, like you’re buying from a trusted friend, and not from an evil corporate empire, committed to shredding the local games scene one preowned copy at a time. Ahhh, well that’s my rant for the day.

  • I’m half tempted not to bother with the game at all because of this idiotic delayed release that we get. If they had a valid reason for it, then I wouldn’t care, but I’ve yet to hear one

  • i’ve been enjoying my US copy since yesterday so let the fools have their tartare sauce…and pay an extra $30 for no reason. silly Australia

  • I wonder if this will have any impact on the future availability of the soundtracks. I don’t want to buy from EBs because they’re more expensive (and I don’t want the crappy ocarina), but will there be enough soundtracks for those who want to wait another week to register their cheaper copy of the game?

  • the other reason why eb will b selling it early because they know that JB wont be getting their shipments in until monday the earliest. EB has their own in house courier company so they’ll be flying stock around australia as we speak. JB still relies on outside couriers for deliveries.

  • Already bought this game twice, Nintendo. You could’ve updated way better. Definitely not worth dropping 400 on a new system to play a port that doesn’t even give me the option to turn off Navi’s protips.

    • Nintendo never said that you should buy the 3DS for this one game, and this one game only.

      If no other games interest you, then move on.

  • It’s surprising that any store has the stock yet. Most of the time new release games (due for release on a Thursday) won’t actually turn up in store until the Monday/Tuesday of that week. Some releases will be there the Friday before, but with big warning signs all over the boxes “Do not put out on shelf until xx.xx.xx” xx’s being the date. Some companies like NamcoBandai go one step further with a letter stating that if street date is broken, then the seller runs the risk of not receiving future stock on time.

  • 13 years later with added improvements and the experience of completing it several times, and I still get lost in the Water Temple.

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