No! This Is The Cutest Link You'll Ever See

This is Mannix. He's so convincing a Link that we're told Nintendo has approached him about cosplaying the character at conventions officially.

But for now we see the child in a photo shoot by the talented Sid Ceasar in some dark and forlorn wood. He's an altogether different sort of cute Link, then the one we saw earlier this morning.

These photos are the work of the same guy who created a Halo-playing Muppet to propose to his girlfriend.

Check out the full set, all 17 photos, here.

Images republished with permission.

Ceaser Photography [Thanks Ian]


    So any kid in shorts and a green t-shirt is now Link?

      In that case, I was Link most of my childhood...well between 8am and 3pm :)

    His face is too round. Link has a thinner, sharper face.

    1) Hair is brown, Link's is dirty blonde at DARKEST
    2) Link's hair is straight, not curly
    3) His cheeks are too puffy
    4) His eyes are dull and lifeless.

      He was brunette in the first game, also aren't some of you guys arguing just a bit too muchabout this?

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