Nope, The Zelda 3DS Cartridge Isn't Painted Gold

Nintendo sent us a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D a bit early. The game launches later this month but we'll be able to play it some and tell you about it.

No time to play now, though! So just check out the tchochkes Nintendo sent along (sure to be given away someday). Ocarina of Time originally came out on a gold cartridge on the Nintendo 64, keeping a Zelda game tradition. That tradition broke when they put Zeldas on cartridges on the DS. No gold here, either, except for the label. Not a huge deal, but now you know.


    I was realy hoping for a gold cartridge. :(
    This is a bad start to my day.

    Geez, even the R4 managed to have a gold cartridge at one point...

    Oh my God, is that shirt part of the preorder deal you get from EB, or a nice gift from Nintendo to Kotaku?

    That Ocarina looks much nicer than the other photos that have been floating about.

      Yeah, looks like it's the ceramic Songbird ocarina. It is pretty nice!

      It's not the ocarina from the pre-order. It's the thinkgeek ceramic one:

        which is actually one from Songbird.


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