Nothing But Seven Minutes Of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gameplay

If you're an RPG and/or Elder Scrolls fan and you're not excited by this, I don't think you're watching it right.


    Wow, just wow.

    that made me wet!

    I like that the dragons aren't "scripted" I wish more games were like that!

    I'm sorry if I'm an RPG fan, then I'll be hating this gameplay vid for how incredibly dumbed down the game looks with horribly stupid AI. Nothing wrong with me, the game just isn't an rpg, it's an action adventure game with stupid AI (sorry, I believe the word for that is "Radiant").

      I'm curious about what you would raise as a better 'RPG'?

      Elder Scrolls have always been Heavy RPG Games done with real-time action from a first person perspective ever since Arena. It's what they do.

      So unless you're comparing it to a completely different kind of RPG, like Final Fantasy or something, I'm not sure there is a better example of this type of game done better...

      I could just be ignorant, it wouldn't be the first time... So if there's a better version of this kind of RPG out there, tell me, 'cause I wanna play it

    Unscripted Dragons that can attack at any time and even in numbers?

    Here's my wallet. Take what you need. TAKE MY FUCKING MUNNIES!

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