Nothing But Thirteen Minutes Of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gameplay

Nothing But Thirteen Minutes Of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gameplay

Seven minutes of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was nice. Know what’s nicer? Nearly twice that much raw, actual gameplay from Skyrim’s 360 version.

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    • lol you mean ew the console the game was developed for haha… although PC should be hot with mod content 🙂

  • LOL at the sounds he makes at 1:57-1:59.

    Seems like the presenters at G4TV have no idea what they are doing.. worst presenters ever.

    Anyway, footage looks awesome (even though its on 360 🙁 ). Cant wait for this game..

    i heard there is 300 hours worth of content in this game? c/d?

    • So true, video game journalism is not regarded highly, and these two guys are a large part of the issue.

      IM SO EXCITTTEEEEED! and are probably the only professional journo sites around.

  • This is looking like it’s going to be goddamn brilliant, as expected.

    Still, kinda want to know what it’ll look like with maxed out settings on PC. There’s been bits of minor graphics derp I’ve been spotting in these videos and I wanna know if it’s the 360s limitations or just bethesda being… bethesda.

  • I can’t for the life of me figure out why they chose to showcase the 360 version, of all things, unless they wanted to show the impressive draw distance of the new engine in spite of the 360’s limitations.

  • I wish someone would ask him if it’s possible to get everything.

    The fact you could – if after far, far too many hours – max out EVERY skill in Oblivion and Morrowind were huge draws for me. That you could eventually master EVERYTHING kept me coming back. With all these level-perks and Shout-powerups I hope you can eventually get all of them.

  • I would make fun of Sessler and Webb but I know that if I were sitting there about to be in the presence of Skyrim and Todd Howard… I would have said much worse and wet myself in the process… which might or might not actually be urine

  • As if this isn’t exciting enough, I’m already imagining the next Fallout game using this new engine.

  • I don’t mean to be a killjoy but having played Oblivion through to exhaustion I’m not seeing much new in this game. The world looks big and varied as it was in Oblivion and the fighting animations look the same. Maybe the compelling aspect is simply having more fantasy world to explore?

    • Even if they haven’t changed much from oblivion, how could that in any way shape or form be a bad thing?
      Hell, they could sell me Oblivion with dragons and i would still pay for it.

    • Well it’s technically the same as all the Elder Scrolls games have been… The large and varied worlds are one of the biggest draws of the series. Morrowind was awesome. Oblivion was a brand new setting and world and it was awesome too. Skyrim looks to follow the trend, at least to my eyes.

      *(Didn’t mention Arena and Daggerfall because Arena covered the whole continent in a very general way, and Daggerfall expanded one area of the continent into an almost limitless expanse of randomly generated and repetitive ‘landscape’… so the ‘draw’ of the world in these games wasn’t as strong as it was for Morrowind and the series since.)

      **(but Arena and Daggerfall are both awesome… though I think Daggerfall out-of-the-box is kind of broken due to bugs so it really needs the mods to be ‘whole’)

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