Nyko Zoom For Kinect Lets You Play In The Tiniest Apartments

A pair of lenses that clip onto your Kinect, Nyko's Zoom reduces the distance you need to play Kinect by up to 40 per cent. If it works, it sounds terribly useful, especially in New York City (trust me)... [Gizmodo]


    Exactly what I need. Would definately pick one of these up :)

    Did Johnny 5 have sex with Sam Fisher's night vision goggles? :P

    Agreed! This is a great idea!

    If that works. I will be picking one up.

    Nice. Brilliant idea - right now my kinect requires me to be standing in a wall in order to play. Needless to say, I don't do that very often...
    Any word on the Kinect SDK? 'Spring' has only a couple of weeks left... I was expecting something at the press conference, especially with the announcement of Kinect Fun Labs (which I assume for the moment will be first party only), would've been a perfect segue to the SDK release.

    yeah i really hope these work as advertised.
    i am just on the verge of playable kinect.

    even a 10% improvement would help me.
    just hope they arent stupdly expensive

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