Objection! Our E3 Nintendo Predictions…

Objection! Our E3 Nintendo Predictions…

Only one major press conference to go – and it’s arguably the most important one. Nintendo has promised to reveal Project Cafe at its presentation tonight, which takes place at 2am AET. I’ll be live blogging the event for those who feel like staying up – but in the mean time I roped Nintendo expert Daniel ‘Vooks’ Vuckovic into discussing our predictions for tonight’s event. What is Project Cafe? What games can we expect to see? Will Reggie finally do the moonwalk? The questions go on and on…

MARK: Alright, so Nintendo has pretty much already confirmed the whole tablet controller thing for Project Cafe – so that’s one mystery out of the way. We think. What else are you expecting to see at Nintendo’s E3 conference?

VOOKS: Whatever the tablet thing turns out to be called, we’re going to see a whole slew of games for it – they’re going to give us the big sell on that. But I expect them to show off a console with a much better interface and menu system like the 3DS, better integrated online and great graphics in HD.

The Nintendo 3DS is also going to have a great showing with games but I think we’ll get a demo of some new hardware features like video recording. Nintendo’s going to have to impress us though, they have to really step things up.

Oh and Zelda, that’ll be there too. One last demo.

MARK: What really interests me, and everyone out there I suspect, is Project Cafe. I think there are aspects of the console we can take for granted – HD, for example. Processing power on par/slightly above that of the PS3/360. We can even take the tablet controller for granted to an extent.

But now that we know that Project Cafe features a tablet controller I think the next mystery is how Nintendo makes it work as a controller – how will it work? What are the logistics of it.

I suspect, and secretly hope, that there’s more to it than simply ‘the tablet is the controller’ – ala the iPad. It sounds archaic but I don’t think Nintendo will be so quick to abandon buttons and more traditional, accurate means of control.

I’ll say one more thing, before I rabbit on too much. I fully expect to see some form of killer app that absolutely utilises whatever control mechanism Nintendo is using to the fullest. I expect to see the equivalent of an Wii Sports, or a Mario 64, or a Nintendogs.

A new Mario game is the dream, but I suspect said ‘killer app’ will be something more mainstream…

VOOKS: Nintendo will need to have a game that needs it, not one that just uses it for laughs. Your Wii Sports killer app is a great example, though obviously touch screen sports wouldn’t be as fun! Mario is the perfect vessel for Nintendo to show off the new system and what it can do, but Nintendo also has another property which can do that. The Miis. Yeah I know, Mario is huge but the Mii’s are vanilla and friendly for everyone. They also don’t have the video game stereotype attached to it that Mario has.

Nintendo has to make sure it doesn’t do what it did with the Nintendo 3DS to Cafe and leave it high and dry – show off fewer games and make sure they’re coming soon.

If Nintendo is keen on getting back the hardcore and keeping its new found blue ocean, it’s going to have to have something for everyone. I don’t know if a tablet controller does this.

MARK: I still expect to be surprised by the controller. I think there’s a twist that we’re missing. Something extra. I think it’s because, somewhere in my black, spluttering heart, I like to see companies like Nintendo – companies who properly understand fun and innovation – to succeed.

But regardless – being more specific – here are a couple of things I expect to see tonight, and a couple that I hope to see.

Firstly, I want to see a Nintendo demo that completely blows me away. I haven’t seen anything yet to suggest the new Zelda will come close to, say, Mario Galaxy. I want a game that has me gobsmacked. I want to see a reinvented Zelda.

I want and expect to see a new IP that utilises Project Cafe’s new controller. A game that makes everything make sense.

I’d like to see, but don’t expect to see, a new, next generation Mario Game. One that will be ready for launch.

A console Nintendogs – if the new controller is some form of touch screen tablet, Nintendogs will be perfect.

I want new games on the 3DS. Top notch games designed to focus on the strengths of the handheld. I want to see Mario 3DS in action. I want to see a Zelda game that doesn’t let me down ala the DS Zelda games. Possibly Pikmin.

Honestly – let’s throw the boat out there Nintendo – how about a new IP that has nothing to do with established franchises? Surprise me for God’s sake. Do anything you like – but please don’t bore me.

VOOKS: Yeah I think Nintendo always throws us a screwball out there, it might be something to do with a game or could be the hardware. It also needs to take it to the next step with technology, I think we’ll see something fancy.

The only Zelda I think we’ll see here at this E3 is Skyward Sword which will be coming to the Wii and Wii only – they need it for the Wii. Not next year for the Cafe. I think we’re going to see a ‘secondary’ franchise ready for day one that will blow us away, and I also think you’re right when you say it won’t be Mario. They’ll keep that ace up there sleeve, but I think it’s time we saw another WarioWare game – and what better than a new interface to bring it back? WarioWare games always show and inspire people for ideas on how a new system can work. We saw it with the touch screen and then again with the Wii.

I definitely want to be surprised, I don’t want Nintendo to just do the bare minimum. Make the effort – show us something awesome and make it a talking point.

MARK: Just as long as they don’t announce Wii Music 2, or bring out the vitality sensor. [Shudder]

What are you guys hoping to see? What do you expect to see? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Project Cafe? A Nintendo Power Glove, connected to an iPad like device that does HD and 3D.

    I sense Nintendo fail here. The average age of gamers is on the rise. They really need to grow up.

    • Where do you get this power glove rubbish with 3D? Neither of those are on the list.. the iPad like device is the controller. They are growing up faster than the other consoles right now which only currently have HD to there credit.

      Let them show what they have before we all jump and judge it.. As for average age of gamers, ahh hello? I grew up on the NES, im over 30. Age has nothing to do with quality of game or fun value.. I dont need a game with blood or violence to have me buy it, or to call it fun.

      End of rant, lets just see what they have ok? 😛

    • Nintendo need to expand their library of games and find decent 3rd party devs to create better titles; no more of this cutesy crap. I love Mario and Zelda as much as the gamer but I need to play new franchises.

      It might be good enough if future games developed for PS3, 360 and PC could be ported to this new platform. The PS3 life cycle isn’t over yet and last I heard about the 720 was 2015.

      Having said all that, I still think whatever Nintendo come out with they will sell a shitload.

    • I sense you fail here. A controller with a touchscreen… Every adult and kid in the world I see now has a tablet or a touchscreen phone or both.

      The average age of the gamer may be on the rise, but every one that age is obsessed with touchscreen already. Watch this controller+console succeed.

    • I agree with the growing up… I don’t use my Wii because it feels so immature and on my awesome
      Tv looks shit.

      They’re fixing the looking shit part by going HD, now let’s see a mature more refined nintendo line up of games. I also don’t want to see the same style of development just in HD. I’m so tiered of playing the same thing, I’m personally done with Mario… Give me something else that Microsoft and Sony, something that makes me go “oh fuck!! Did nintendo just do that???? WTF!?!!?”…

      Not getting my hopes up at all… To focused on battlefield 3 anyways…

  • WarioWare would be a good fit for showing off what the new controller could do, but it probably wouldn’t be a system seller in the way that Wii Sports was. The 3DS has shown that it takes more than just the Nintendo logo on the box to make a successful launch – they have to have the games to back it up.

    If they launch around xmas 2012 then there’s a good chance that MS and/or Sony will have already announced and shown off their new consoles possibly for xmas 2013. Nintendo could find themselves in a situation like Sega did, launching the Dreamcast when everybody knew the PS2 was waiting in the wings, and people just sat back and waited for the PS2 rather than jumping on board the Dreamcast. They need to launch with some really top-notch, AAA games right from day 1 – stuff from the top drawer like Mario or Zelda. Stuff that will compel people to buy the machine even if there’s something bigger and better on the horizon.

  • I’d like to see Someone from Bungie (Now they’re multiplatform) walk onto Nintendos stage and show they’re next killer app. Worked for xbox….

  • what do you mean grow up nintendo success is from having innovative consoles just look at the sales of the wii for example

  • Nintendo will never get rid of buttons, they proved that with the Wii.
    The major questions for the new console for me will be reverse compatibility and how it’s handled, how the new touchscreen is implemented and how they sell it.
    I a way, the supposed console is a combination of the DS and the wii.
    The twin screens and touch sensitivity of the DS and the interactivity and accessibility of the Wii.
    Remember how the wiimote had a speaker in it? I loved that thing in Twilight Princess, it linked me to the console and drew me into the game more.
    But there were so few games which utilised it. To me, that was Nintendo trying to take a step beyond force feedback, to but more of the experience in players hands, and i think the tablet-enabled controller, if it proves true, may be part of that.

  • Arguably most important indeed. Don’t know about you, but hearing the price point of the Vita was pretty important to me 😛 It was the only reason I watched the 2 hour live stream of it.

    Worth every second. XD

  • This touch screen idea is growing on me so long as the ability to play regular games on the tv isn’t restricted by it.
    I’m imagining the controller screen being used in one of 4 ways:

    -For casual games on the controller only with the main unit as a server. (a near total waste of technology)

    -As an always open inventory/map,

    -for multiplayer where each person uses stores their personal equipment on it or with some sort of secrecy element, heck even just card games would make sense with each controller having the persons ‘hand’ and the tv being the table – like that scrabble game with all the iphones holding each persons tiles and the iPad as the board.

    -Or something involving throwing items from the touch screen out to the main TV.

  • Project Cafe. I can’t wait to see what it looks like and what it can do. They’ve kept a really tight lid on it. Hopefully they have a strong software line up and good online system to back it up.

  • Whatever Nintendo announces, I’m pretty sure I’ll love it.

    One thing I’ve always admired about the big N is that they always give us something different.

    The SNES introduced the four button controller and shoulder buttons.

    The N64 introduced the analog stick, the z trigger and force feedback.

    And the Wii introduced motion controls.

    I don’t care if project Cafe’s graphics will be considered outdated in a few years when the next Xbox and Playstation are released. As long as they’ve got a strong library of AAA titles, that would make me a happy camper.

    So basicly all I want is strong third party support, a killer new first party IP for the core gamers (us) and an end to the shovelware that plagued the Wii.

    Oh, and a new F-Zero would be nice too.

  • I know this sounds weird, but I reckon the touch screen on this console would work well with the witcher 2s ingame interface. Switching on the fly with the touchscreen would be really awesome to see. Witcher 2 for the Next Nintendo console. Now, do it.

  • Bag Nintendo all you want but they will be the only 1 out of the 3 to do something different with a console and they will sell a crap load again, while Microsoft and Sony catch up.

  • i have a feeling i will be blown away by cafe, but then they will announce one feature that will ruin it completely….

  • Can you imagine an Aliens game with that controller acting as the motion sensor, with a speaker in it going pwuck pwuck pwuck as the aliens surround you.
    It could be the ammo counter and health displays and keep the screen clutter free. It can be weapons selection without having to cycle through weapons. The rear vision mirror in driving games, the magnified sniper rifle sight, it could be many many things, I just hope they really do innovate the gameplay with it.

  • I forgot one major thing. What’s gonna happen with all the virtual console games people have downloaded on their Wii.

    Aren’t they locked to the console they were downloaded on?

    Please don’t tell me Nintendo are gonna make everyone pay for them again.

  • With touchscreen and camera and god knows what else they’ve supposedly got crammed in there, I wonder what the battery life of these controllers is going to be like?

  • I would be really surprised if Wiimotes weren’t compatible (backwards and forwards) with the Cafe, especially if the new controller departs from the remote functionality. The “pointer” feature was probably the best thing about the Wii and after all the development they did with the Wii Motion Plus, I couldn’t imagine them abandoning it. Since they connect via Bluetooth there’s really nothing that would be difficult about adapting it to the new system.

  • all 3rd party multi-platform titles is a must for this console to succeed. GTA5 as a launch title for eg. would be awesome.

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