UPDATE: Ocarina Of Time Street Break Now Official! (GAME and JB Hi Fi Also Selling)

Vooks has the first photographed receipt of Ocarina of Time, meaning that EB has officially broken the Street Date for the game, selling it before its official release next Thursday. We expect other retailers to start selling the game soon.

GAME has stated on its Facebook that it will "announce once it's confirmed", and we expect JB Hi Fi will also begin selling as soon as they hear from head office.

UPDATE: GAME has stated on its Facebook page that you can head in-store and they "can help you out".

UPDATE 2: JB Hi Fi is now informing customers via SMS that they can pick up their pre-orders.



    *Explosion behind him, as a server rack mysteriously combusts as if C4 was placed on it*

    Picking it up at midday!

    *totally ignores the phone ringing off the hook as people wonder why their network access is broken*

      I really need to stop willfully destroying various network components whenever a new game releases. I might get fired.

    *le sigh*... I am honestly considering buying a 3DS for the sole purpose of Ocarina Of Time... purely for the Nostalgia trip... but is it really worth me spending $400 on it... :(

      was my temptation too, but then i realised I still own 2 copies of it and have already beaten it 4 times...

    it was nice they blurred the salesperson's name!

    So Mark, can we assume you'll now be reporting on all the street dates that break in the future...?

      On big games, yes.

        Also makes sense in this case because it's a week, not just a day or two.

        But Generic Action War Based Shooter 10 released 1 day early
        I MUST KNOW

    Part of me wants to play Ocarina of Time just to see what all the fuss is about, but since it's been about a year since I used my DS and I traded in my Wii after not using it for over a year, I think I'm about done with Nintendo.

    I have no interest in getting rid of my DS Phat for a DSi or 3DS, and the Wii U just looks terrible.

    I do have an N64, maybe I should go dig up a copy of Ocarina of Time on that.

    I got Arkham Asylum last year a week before its official street date here in Australia. Bless Dungeon Crawl in Melbourne's CBD. 75% of the time they break street dates to stay competitive.

    Just called JB (Galeries Victoria store) and they said they don't have any in stock. The also make a comment, EB shouldn't be selling it. lol

    Dam, regretting in putting down my 10 bucks there. :(

      I just walked in there 30 mins ago and got a copy without preorder.

    Just went into EB Games on Swanston St in Melbourne - they have not received stock yet. Anyone know if they will recieve stock shortly?

      I rang them and they said if they get it today it will be between 12 and 1. They also said they're 'apparently only giving them to people who preordered' although that might have been a slight communication error.

        I would be very surprised if they got the stock today. Generally, EB Head Office won't ship stock until 2-3 days before release.

        Also, when I called, I didn't even get the line about when they'll release stock - they just said that they don't have it in, and they haven't received word from Nintendo that its ok to sell. Funny, I thought they received their directives from HO.

          EB Swanston St IS the head office (for vic anyway). all the decision is made there, also where the most confusion reigns.

    GAME in Canberra City might be willing to sell you a copy :)

    Just heading to my local mall now I have a JB a GAME and a EB I will let you guys know how I go!

    Well, I haven't gotten a call yet from EB Games about my pre-order... will wait a bit I guess before jumping on the phone.

    Just called EB at Westfield South Morang and they have it in stock!!! *runs to Westfield*

    Which JB hifi stores are confirmed to be selling this today? Hopefully my local store let me pick up my preorder today (haven't heard from them yet).

      Not the Galeries Victoria store if you preordered there.

        Nope, mine is in Sydney (Chatswood Store). I'm staying hopeful as someone just called the phone number I gave them but didn't leave a message. I'll pop in before work and check anyway.

    The story here isn't the street date break, but how it broke. Hilarious.

    I just got my copy from EB games at warringah mall brookvale!!

      Pretty Sure GAME just got theirs in yoo (at Warringah Mall), you have to go and ask for it though, they said they were not allowed to put it on the self yet, very strange.

    F*ck living in Tasmania. Because of the ash cloud bullsh*t they won't have stock for days!!! AHHHHH

    Important Note for Tasmanians!

    The Chilean ash cloud has had a severe effect on both JBHIFI and EB's air freight, which is there primary method of importing stock.

    At the moment, we are looking at a Monday launch, but keep an eye on this spot for updates.

      Any updates? All flights are going ahead.

    Ugh, does anyone know if any stores are going to be selling 3DS and Ocarina of Time packs? game.co.uk are, would love to get this! Mark perhaps you can check and see if any retailers are going to be doing pack deals?

    Kinda wanted that special edition of it. But I guess it's beyond impossible to put a preorder down now because of it, so guess I'll wait for it to come out properly next week, then maybe pick up it, Steel Diver and RE Mercenaries from Myer. Hopefully should come to ~$45 each with their three-for-two sale :P

    Got my copy from EB Brisbane

    Ah good old quiet Adelaide. When I rang the EB Games stores in or close to the CBD, 3 out of 4 had no idea that the street date was broken (City Cross, Sefton Park, Firle). The Rundle Mall store in the old David Jones building could not confirm whether they'll have stock in today or Monday. -- For all you South Aussies keen on getting this early, rang up JB Hifi Rundle Mall, and they gave me an immediate confirmation that they have stock for sale.

      Schweeet! I just rang my local EB (Firle) too and they said they didn't have it in stock! Heading to JB @ Rundle NOA!

    JB South Wharf have it in. It's not on display but you can get it at the counter.

    I just did.

    All these wispers and sillyness clearly stem from Nintendo having an official launch event... But all this could be avoided if out release date wasnt 2 weeks behing the rest of the damn world. So silly.

    Any word on Dick Smith/Target/Big W/Kmart?

      I walked into Dick Smith in Sydney City and they said they have no stock.

      Went to Kmart today. They had it, but they wouldn't sell me a copy and said they wouldn't sell any until the offical release date. I wasn't even going to bother asking them, but they had the price tag for the game ($49, I think) stuck on the shelf along with their other 3DS games.

    I cant find it anywhere in the Perth/WA area Game, EB and Jb Hifi stores all tell me that they would expect shipments monday/tuesday. Anyone have any luck of finds it lemme know =.=

      Seconded. Would love to know of anywhere in Perth (north of the river preferably) that is selling early.

        Just phoned up EB Games Riverton (south of the river, btw), and their stock has arrived - going to go pick mine up ASAP ^_^

        Just got mine from GAME Joondalup! Goodbye productive weekend!

      I picked mine up from Mirrabooka a few hours ago.

        EB Games in Mirrabooka, that is.

    Can confirm, GAME at Kilkenny (SA) has them in stock and will sell if asked over the counter. However, they had no guides in stock and thus would not price match JB's combo for $59.


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