Ocarina Of Time: The Weirdest Street Date Break In Australian History

This morning has been... interesting to say the least. There is no doubt that if you walk into an EB game store today, and they have stock, they will sell you a copy of Zelda: Ocarina of Time if you directly ask for it. I've spoken to a few EB stores this morning, and the responses have been hilarious.

Me: Hey, are you selling Ocarina of Time today?

EB: The game is available on the 30th.

Me: But if I walk into the store and ask for it today, will you sell it to me?

EB: Quite possibly.

And then a second call, to another EB store.

Me: Are you guys selling Ocarina of Time today?

EB: Well the game officially comes out next Thursday.

Me: But if I walk into the store today and ask you directly for a copy of the game, you'll sell it to me, right?

EB: I can neither confirm nor deny that we will sell you a copy of the game today... if you catch my drift.

Me: Yeah, I totally catch your drift.

EB: See you later, then!

Yep. He actually said "catch my drift".

Other sources are informing me of the same thing - EB will sell the game as soon as stock arrives in store. Not too many stores have stock at this exact time, but most will probably have copies by this afternoon. If anyone manages to get a copy and a receipt, let us know here or in the comments below.

We'll update as soon as we get 100% confirmation.

The closest confirmation we have so far is the below pic...

A copy of the game delivered today.

So feel free to give your local EB a call, and let us know what happens!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

Weirdest... Street Break... ever.


    Heh, I sent the manager of my local EB a text yesterday when I found out about this (used to work there) and he said pretty much the same thing. Said they would sell it if:
    a) they got their stock in and b) I walked in and asked for it. Said he couldn't call me to let me know it was in but will anyway (perks of being mates with him I guess haha)

    (Image is broken)

    Ah customer service.
    15 year olds doing it right.

    hahah love the add for kotaku hiring a web designer, and both the add's logo is missing and the articles picture is missing. looks like you really need that position filled!

      We're experiencing some server issues which are causing these problems. We're trying to resolve them as quickly as possible.

    Bad news for Tasmania

    I just got back from the Kings Meadows store, because of the ash cloud they don't even have their stock in

      :'''''''( I got so excited with this street date break, then I saw your post and had a bit of a cry to myself, I'm in Tas too...
      Still, maybe we'll get lucky.
      I doubt it though.

        The guy at the store said theyll notify us if anything happens

          Any word yet? All flights to tasmania are apparently going ahead as of today.

    At Miranda store in Sydney, i've found that GAME is going to be selling it early as well but they're getting their shipment in around 12pm. Walked into eb and they had a couple of ocarina editions to sell to people who didn't pre order but most is standard. Even though it was 68,by this point I couldn't care about $10 if it meant I had to come back later to get it from GAME, just wanted to get it now :p

    yeah i called up just a second ago and she said that 'if i ask for it, she'll be able to sell it to me'

    What about WA any news ? North of the river

    Just spoke to EB Doncaster where I have my preorder and they basically said exactly the same thing. They will be getting stock in later today but they can not put it on shelves or advertise it. However, if I call back later to confirm they have it, they will give it to me!

    I just called my local EB and the guy told me straight out I can pick it up today when the stock arrives, which is around 3 or 4.

    Just phoned EB Warrawong and the guy told me that they don't have stock and he has no idea when they expect to get any.

    Knew this would happen. :P I'll try again in the afternoon, perhaps.

    My EB managing friend of mine told me last night Nintendo told them they could sell it, but only on request, no pre-order callouts, even he thought it was bizarre.

    Spoke to my Eb games in mt druitt. He doing it under the table realeases as soon as the stock arives =so yes here too

    lol this is all quite funny really.

    We're not selling it... unless you have the secret password :P

    EB at Queens Plaza in Brisbane was tapping Pre-Order Receipts to OoT3D Boxes this morning.

    I Can confirm, just picked up my copy a second ago

    Hilarious with the 'catch my drift' moment!

    I'm going to go there and see what happens, but I guess I'll be hanging around until they sell it, one quick internet search will change their minds.

    I called eb swanston street in Melbourne, they said they will "make a descision" to sell it once stock arrives...

    The first rule of street date breaks is you don't talk about street date breaks.

    My local EB has also stated they'll be selling it to people who directly ask for it, so now I'm waiting for their stock to arrive before I head over there.

    Eb swanston street is selling, picked my copy up just now

    I called eb games seaford in adelaide last night. The guy said their stock will come on monday or tuesday and I should be able to pick it up if I ask for it. Still a wait in Adelaide:(

    I love this 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. It's hilariously shady.

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