Of Course Mac Is Back In The New SSX

Having appeared in every other SSX game released to-date, the franchises' generic male character, Mac, is definitely making a reappearance in the 2012 reboot.

I suppose not every character in SSX needs to either be a hot female or a guy with an over-the-top personality. Mac here represents the baggy-pantsed everyman, or at least every college age white man.

We've actually grown up with Mac Fraser. According to the SSX Wiki, he started off 15-years-old in the original SSX; aged to 18 in SSX 3; and was 20 in SSX on Tour. By the time the new SSX rolls out in January 2012, he should be dangerously close to too old for this shit.


    OMFG SSX IS BACK? (the wii one doesn't count) ssx3 is just about the best thing there is and before it I had never really like the 'dude on some type of board, doing tricks' genre. Psymon and Zoe ftw!

    hey mac was alway my favourite... cant wait for this looks great

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