'Old World Blues', The Next New Vegas DLC, Arrives July 19

Bethesda Softworks said today that "Old World Blues", the next downloadable extension of Fallout: New Vegas will arrive on all platforms on July 19. Pricing wasn't discussed but past instalments have run $US10. These three screenshots are from the DLC.


    So how does the DLC for NV work? I mean the ending of the game was pretty much the end, I don't think you can continue you game after it can you? How do you play the DLC if you've finished your game?

      You don't. You load a save before you start the battle for hoover damn (before that point where it asks you if you are sure you want to continue and you can't go back afterwards).

      I was impressed with Dead Money, but Honest Hearts was a giant let down. I finished it in less than an hour :/

        I had the opposite reaction, I found Dead Money a huge let down while honest hearts was great at expanding the story. The whole art style of Dead Money was dull and got stagnant fast.

      You don't. You have to have a save prior to the point of no return and take it from there.

    Wow, pretty details write up lol

    Anyone know if this is the last of the DLC for Vegas? I'm just waiting until they are all released so I can start another playthrough that will include all the DLC's :)


    I trudged around Honest Hearts for hours before I realised that I accidentally killed one of the Story's protagonists and thats why it was so dispirit and boring. Its going to take a deep breath to re-do it :[

      Lol I restarted the area 5 times trying to save the caravan in honest hearts I was traveling with before I realized it was scripted and you couldn't.
      The survivalist cache logs were the highlights of the dlc

    Can't wait. Dead Money was fantastic and one of my favourite dlcs of any game ever- with Chris Avellone doing this one too it should be awesome.

    replaying FONV now with a load of mods off nexus. Improves performance, enhances quality, and adds a few quirky things.

    Definitely recommended.

    what time is it being released in australia on PSN?

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