Original Xbox Controller Coming Back In Extremely Limited Way, Only For 'Halo Fest'

Halo studio 343 Industries is offering only the most authentic of Halo: Combat Evolved experiences at this year's Halo Fest, letting players go hands on with the Anniversary remake of the Xbox original with its original controller, the beastly gamepad nicknamed the "Duke".

343 Industries' Frank O'Connor let slip on the NeoGAF forum that the studio is "trying to get some OG Dukes rebuilt with 360 guts for Halo Fest". Good news for Halo Fest attendees, but perhaps bittersweet for those who would love to get their huge hands on an Xbox 360 compatible Duke.

O'Connor clarified that 343 is "planning on having about six made, by people who have been doing the same thing for years". It also plans to auction off the custom-made controllers for charity.

Giant Bomb followed up with 343 Industries on its Duke controller plans, learning that the extremely limited run is being made with original Xbox controllers harvested from a thrift store, cleaned up and customised for the Halo-centric event.

Halo Fest will run alongside PAX Prime 2011, from Friday, August 26 to Sunday, August 28 at the Washington State Convention Center. Admission is free with your PAX Prime badge purchase.

Halo:CE Anniversary Announced (MS Conf, Nov 15th 2011, $US40) [NeoGAF via Giant Bomb]


    I'd love one, this controller fit in my hands perfectly. Screw the nay sayers, this controller was fucking rad.

      Xbox: Controllers built for a real man and so heavy you could bludgeon a tiger to death with it.

      Playstation: Controllers built for an 8 year old girl with weak wrists

      I would buy the hell out of a remake of the original xbox controller. The 360 one is good and mostly fits my giant hands but the original xbox controller felt like it was made specifically for me

    i got a halo ce limited edition original xbox with CE Halo 2 limited edition and Halo controller!

    Still got my original xbox controller. Absolutely played the living crap out of it.

    I'm really curious to see what these six controllers will look like.

    I still use my original Xbox controller for my PC LOVE the size and feel.
    Homebrew drivers/USB cable FTW!

    I prefer the 360 pad for my PC. So does my girlfriend who was actually stopped from playing original Xbox games properly and comfortably due to that controller.

    Let it diiiieeee.

    And I thought I was the only one who LIKED the Duke controller. Group hug, Kotaku.

    I loved the Duke. Best post I ever saw in the xbox forums was somebody saying that the endowment of female chests in xbox games was unrealistic, followed by somebody saying their gf had 32DD's, to which everybody agreed he was never allowed to whinge about the size of the duke.

    +1 for the Duke love. Best darn controller ever made IMO

      I liked it. But when I got my hands on the smaller one, it just felt right.

    The white/black buttons on this thing were horrible. But if you had large hands, the thing was comfortingly huge.

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