PixelJunk Lifelike Is Like Wii Music - Except Good

I faintly remember a bizarre trailer released by Q Games a while back - it turns out it was related to this project, PixelJunk Lifelike, a flexible music game that uses the PlayStation Move controller exclusively.

This video demonstration starts out slow, but really starts to kick in towards the end. It's difficult to get a precise idea of how much is controlled and how much is interactive - but I'm extremely keen to check out this game regardless.

I'm a sucker for games with clever aural feedback (wow, that sentence doesn't sound too wholesome) and I've fallen in love with practically all of Q Games releases. Looks like this could be another winner.


    looks like it could be fun to mess around with, really not something suited to a demo like that.

    to me it looks like a spastic with a wii remote while the screen plays a video. :P

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