Plastic Gun Roleplay Leads To Call For Video Game Ban. Wait, What?

Donned in camo fatigues and bulletproof vests, four masked men were on a villa rooftop near a government building in Abu Dhabi. Special forces arrived and arrested the four men. The men were carrying fake guns as well as plastic and metal clubs. They were videotaping themselves roleplaying.

According to daily newspaper The National, Col. Ibrahim Sultan Al Zaabi, chief of the city's Al Shaabiya police station, called the men's behaviour "absurd, childish, and unjustifiable". The top cop is now calling for a ban on importing violent video games, blaming a "culture of violence among children".

The National added that he was also calling for a ban on the sale of fake weapons and firecrackers, too. Making guns out of your fingers and saying "bang" are safe for now.

UAE special forces raid fake gun wielding game, UAE General News [Maktoob News Thanks, Alaa!]

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    I stand aghast at the worldwide idiocy that continually crops up every day.

    (On a side note, I'm also surprised that hallucinogenic substances aren't more popular in a bid to escape such mind-achingly painful idiocy.)

      "On a side note, I’m also surprised that hallucinogenic substances aren’t more popular in a bid to escape such mind-achingly painful idiocy"

      It's called Beer or Gin. I swear some of these incidents make more sense after a few.

    that's so funny the world just keeps getting more retarded

    In related news, concerned parents are calling for a ban on Sonic the Hedgehog games after they found their kids 'running'.

    They're lucky.

    In most parts of the world they would be killed.

    I doubt the UAE would ban video games though, too many western ex-pats.

    Abu Dhabi police are also calling for a ban on racing games, after catching women 'driving'.

      While it was said in jest, just a quick note from someone who used to live there. Women are in fact allowed to drive in the UAE, it's Saudi that doesn't, with unreasonably harsh penalties. In fact women arent even allowed to sit in the front passenger seat with a man who isn't their spouse or close family. Saudi is supposed to be getting better, but it'll take a while.

      Although that is an interesting point on them banning driving games. The whole middle east is really big on cars and generally hooning around. Every weekend you'll go out into the dunes and try to drive up the steepest one you can find. It's more fun than it sounds!

    I can't see the link between this and gaming that Mr Top Cop is trying to make, but if you're in a populated city, dressed like a duck, posed like a duck and acting out your ducky fantasies, don't complain if someone's dog chases you. That metaphor works, right?

    To be fair, if those four men specifically were caught doing this in any Western country, they'd get their asses thrown in Gitmo before they can say 'why me!'

    Just banning fake weapons?

    So, the real ones are still allowed... that's going to fix the problem then.

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