Platinum Games Says They’re Not Making Metal Gear Solid Rising

Platinum Games Says They’re Not Making Metal Gear Solid Rising

Atsushi Inaba, a producer at Platinum Games, denied today that his studio is working on the next big Metal Gear, despite some whispers to the contrary.

“I am aware of the rumour that says [Devil May Cry and Bayonetta Hideki]Kamiya is working on Rising,” he told Kotaku through a translator during an interview at E3 in Los Angeles. “It’s not true.” Asked if it was correct, then, that Platinum is not working on the game at all, he replied: “Yes.”

The rumours of Platinum lending its action-game expertise on the action-based Metal Gears Solid: Rising started swirling through Internet message boards last month and was even mentioned in a Tweet from Metal Gear boss Hideo Kojima to Kamiya. Kojima’s Tweet had said the rumour “would be nice if it were true“. The combination of Platinum and Rising seemed possible and even promising given the emphasis in Rising‘s trailers on the type of stylish martial arts action that’s been a hallmark in Kamiya’s games. Rising, featured at last year’s E3, wasn’t at this year’s show. The game is scheduled for a 2012 release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Earlier this week, we’d heard from a games industry source that the game was being made by Platinum. Inaba, who is in a good position to know, for better or worse, has shot that down.


  • Thank god.

    Metal gear doesnt need to be like bayonetta/madworld.

    Still not hopeful of this game though =/

    • Er, stfu please – the original rumour was that Hideki Kamiya was heavily involved in it. Kamiya was responsible for the 2006 masterpiece Okami, as well as the original Devil May Cry. His most recent game is Bayonetta, sure, but he had no involvement in MadWorld.

      Not only that, but the game already is kinda Bayonetta/MadWorld-esque, without any involvement from Platinum, so its not like they would have been doing the game a disservice by helping with it…

      • respectfully disagree.

        I think if Kamiya got involved (assuming he was given free reign to do what he thinks is best), you’d probably get something that has the disparity between the original Metal Gear Solid and Twin Snakes, which while it was great in its own way, was way too superheroes-esque.

    • Everyone nows who’s making it, it was in all the trailers – its an internal Kojima Productions game, but with help from quite a few Konami staffers. Its being directed by some no-name guy, written by another no-name game, and produced by Kojima, with art direction by Shinkawa.

      Initially the team was a bunch of newly assembled/reassigned people, and the MGS4 team went straight from 4 into Peace Walker, but with PW done most of them are now either working on Rising or Kojima’s new Fox Engine.

  • Metal Gear Rising. *yawn*
    Has anyone played Afro Samurai? Because it just looks like a fancy version of that.

  • After having played as Big Boss so much… I don’t think I’d be satisfied even if this game starred Solid Snake… Anything less than Big Boss is just that… “Less”

    Swords are cool, though ;-P

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