Play As A Six Year-Old Kid. Then Kill People.

Lucius Trailer - Death becomes you from Shiver Games on Vimeo.

Lucius is an upcoming PC game that sounds a lot like Hitman. You get assignments to kill people, you sneak around, you kill them. Only, you're not a skilled international assassin. You're a six year-old boy.

Oh, and you're also the son of the devil.

Whereas Hitman is an action game at heart, though, Lucius is more comfortable with puzzles, as you roam a massive mansion setting traps and solving puzzles that lead to people's untimely demise.

Developed by Finnish studio Shiver Games, Lucius will be out towards the holiday season.


    A kid who kills people.

    Yeah, good luck with getting that to Australia uncensored.

    So pretty much

    Fallout 3's glitch in which you escape the Vault as a Baby

    has been made into a full game?

    Reminds me of The Omen, but I doubt it'll be classified here in aus.

      That movie pissed me off. So many chances to kill the kid....

        I assume you've never seen the 4th Omen ? That little girl is wayyy more annoying/you want her to die than the boy in the first one ! Also she looks EXACTLY like my cousin, and I don't like that cousin so it makes it worse hahaha.


    Its kinda sad when people can simply read a description of a video game and them automatically (and 95% of the time correctly) assume that the game will never reach Australian shores. . .

    This is why we are an international joke. . .

    Hitman is a whatever you want game.

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa... Fox News hasn't even gotten on PAYDAY: The Heist yet :P

    I'm not usually one to complain about graphics in a game, but even the animations in that trailer are simplistic at best (that butcher must be a magician...)

    It might be an interesting idea if it's pulled off, but a dated feeling shooter/puzzler is not gonna do it...

    I love Hitman. But in this you play as a kid? I kinda think it's sick for some reason...

    this reminds me of naughty bear.... which was a total flop!

    Why is it this kind of thing is perfectly acceptable in movies, yet not in video games? Doulbestandards much

      Typically, in those movies, the murderous demon child is the antagonist. If this were a game where you play this kids earthly father, and have to stop him, then it's probably get through (though with a high rating).

      However playing as the kid can be seen as too dark (and I kinda see why)

    To be honest the game doesn't look that interesting, it's one I don't think I care if it gets banned.

    Hah! If! I should say when, and boy won't the media circus/frenzy be fun for this one. And nobody is happier about this games exhistance than the ACL.

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