PlayStation Vita Vita, It’s Official! And Here’s The Price

PlayStation Vita Vita, It’s Official! And Here’s The Price

This January, Sony debuted its new gaming handheld in Tokyo. The portable’s codename was introduced as NGP, or “Next Generation Portable”.

Today, at the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles, Sony revealed the handheld’s final name, PS Vita, as well as its pricing.

The portable has dual touch pads, dual cameras, an OLED screen, GPS, six-axis motion sensors and a three-axis electronic compass. The portable’s model number is PCH-1000; the current gen PSP’s is PSP-3000.

“Vita means life,” said Sony Computer Entertainment Kazuo Hirai, adding that the Vita will “blur the lines” between entertainment and real life, allowing you to connect and interact like never before.

PS Vita owners can get online at any of the over 24,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots across the US.

As previewed earlier this year in Tokyo, the PS Vita has a feature called “Near” that allows them to find out what other PS Vita owners in the vicinity are currently playing and what titles are popular.

Vita, pronounced “VEE-ta”, will have Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi models. Sony is partnering with AT&T as the exclusive mobile carrier for the United States—an announcement that drew groans from the audience at E3.

The PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi model is priced at $US249, and the 3G/Wi-Fi model is $US299. Additional details about AT&T data plans and pricing will be announced later. Likewise, plans for the PS Vita’s carriers outside the U.S. will be made public at a later date.

In Japan, the Wi-Fi model is priced at ¥24,980, and it’s €249 in Europe. The 3G/Wi-Fi model is ¥29,980 and €299.

The PS Vita will successively launch in the global market at the end of 2011.


      • Hopefully not at all, since I’ll likely be importing as I did with the PSP. Honestly I can’t it being region locked considering both the PSP and PS3 aren’t. But then I never expected the 3DS to be either.

        • The PS3 is sort of region-locked. I guess the DLCs are if you think about it. But that’s more about your accounts rather than your hardware.
          Hmmm… will have to see when it comes out.

          Realistically, I think the Wifi or 3G version would be the same as the 3DS. So either way, it’s going to be ~$350AUD. I don’t know how people are coming up with $500. That’s just ridiculous.

          • The 3DS doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Hence Sony can price the Wi-Fi model at least around here, 3G is always a premium so expect $50-100 on top of the base model ($400+)

      • $300-$350 is too optimistic. Add $50 to each and it’ll be a bit more realistic. Throw another $50 to each if you’re feeling particularly pessimistic.

    • I’m thinking $350 for Wifi $400 for 3G/Wifi. If it’s region locked I’ll suck up the price hike and get the AU model. If it’s region free then I’ll save money and get the US model

      • If you import the 3G version won’t it be locked to AT&T?

        So that would mean the only viable import option will be the WiFi version?

        • Depends how they’re doing the 3G. If it’s a case of inserting your own SIM and using it like a data plan, then it shouldn’t be any problem as AT&T is a GSM-band carrier, much like our own.

          If it’s has some wired-in chip, then yeah, we’re screwed.

      • Surely you mean the other way round? lol.

        I’ll import if it’s region locked. Although I doubt it will be, that is one of the biggest complaints about the 3DS, I doubt they’d annoy people intentionally.

    • They seem to have designed this to be as cheap as possible (though it doesn’t look like it from the specs) to be able to match 3DS pricing -see recent interviews (Edge etc).

      3DS will be hovering around $300 and possibly slightly less by the end of the year, so I don’t see Vita launching for more than $300 in Australia.

  • IMO this is what I think will happen:

    $400 AUD for the Wi-Fi version
    $500 AUD for the 3G version

    Telstra will be the 3G provider and will have bullshit plans and pricing because they suck.

    The price will be insane here compared to everywhere else because Australia always gets ass-fucked when it comes to pricing and all that.

    • I agree with these pricings… well $399 & $499 respectively… 😉

      Let us pray though that EB Games place holder price is correct…

      Wifi –—WiFi-PSP


      With no mention of a 3G model on their site at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if the WiFi model was the worldwide launch, but the 3G version was limited to some countries only, depending on whether a carrier has picked the device up.

      • On the eb games site, says down the bottom “Wireless communications: Mobile network connectivity (3G), IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1×1) (Wireless), (Infrastructure Mode/Ad Hoc Mode), Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)”

        • They’ve used the direct Sony PR as the details and not edited it. Otherwise they are suggesting that the product they are selling has 3G, but the header states WiFi.

          I meant they only have one listing and it’s for WiFi at this point, so my theory is that we won’t initially get a 3G version if there isn’t a carrier confirmed.

    • Don’t expect one. Nintendo aren’t exactly well known for lowering their prices. Look at Mario Galaxy, it still costs the same as the second one here in Australia, $79.95. None of their first party games went down in price.

      Sony is being competitive, which is awesome. Vita is gonna be awesome, as long as it has a better launch lineup than the 3DS, which was an epic fail. Wish I’d never bought one….

      I reckon $350 will be the price in Australia, if not $300. They’ll want to beat 3DS.

  • That’s actually quite affordable…well, ignoring whatever the Aussie price will be. Hopefully it’s import friendly. Also, perhaps that will give the guys at Nintendo a bit of a kick and make them drop the 3DS price.

  • I’m quite surprised with the price. I was expecting 300 (maybe even 350) USD.

    Even though I’m not as excited about the PSV as I was about the 3DS, at least it seems like Sony are trying to be competitive this time around.

  • Can’t understand that it’s US$299 and its going to be more in $AUD. What a joke it should mean its cheaper as our dollar is now worth more than the lousy $US!

    • The amount of ignorance here is sobering.

      Sony is a multinational, not just Australian. Pricing it higher is just price hedging. The Aussie dollar is very volatile, we don’t know if it will dip down to that 50 US cents as it did in ~2001.

      By pricing it higher, it allows Sony to ride out the trough years. It’s just self-interest. Otherwise, consoles will fluctuate like restaurant lobster and have a much scarier ‘market price’ sticker instead of a fixed price.

      I know it’s very tempting as an Aussie gamer to bitch about pricing, but some context please.

  • This looks so much better than the 3DS, and at a cheaper price to boot. Sony really look like they’re going in for the kill in the portable gaming market.

    I’ve never owned a Sony console in my life. I own 9 different Nintendo consoles/handhelds and have been a fan since childhood, but there’s no denying this far better than the 3DS, at least in terms of technology, potential and the services it is offering.

    That said, I’m not sure that I’d buy it. I read books and use my iPhone to entertain myself on the go (games, music, podcasts, video, internet) and already have more games on 360 than I can keep up with playing.

  • I think everyone is giving Australian Retailers too much credit, more than likely they try to charge us $499 for the Wi-Fi version and $599 for the 3G model at the very least, then complain and demand a tax on imports when everyone inevitably purchase them from overseas.

    or maybe that’s just the pessimist in me. . .

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