Portal 2's 'Want You Gone' Sounds Even Better When Sung By Electric Guitar

Need a reason to learn how to play the electric guitar? YouTube musician FamilyJules7X demonstrates how well mad guitar skills and gaming go together in his triumphant electric cover of Jonathan Coulton's "Want You Gone".

GLaDOS wants you gone so badly she sings a song about it at the end of Portal 2. Most test subjects get the hint right away. If they didn't, I can easily imagine the maniacal artificial intelligence turning to something a bit less subtle, possibly involving multiple electric guitars. Something like this, for instance.

For more guitar-driven excellence from FamilyJules7X, be sure to check out his rendition of "Still Alive". These two tunes are going to live a long and happy life on my MP3 player, far from the prying eyes of electronic megalomaniacs.

Want You Gone Portal 2 Guitar Cover [YouTube - Thanks Dustin!]


    The chorus sounds like the intro to some 90's teen comedy show. :P

      Haha! That's exactly what I was thinking. The "that's what I'm counting on" bit especially.

    omg post tabs :D

    Heh, Louis shirt.

    Nice :D

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