Prey 2's E3 Screens Proves Aliens Do Indeed Wear Pants

I haven't done a faster turnaround on a game than I did with Prey 2 the other day. Granted, that was for a cinematic trailer, so let's see how well my excitement holds up looking at something a little more practical.

Hrm. Well, I am a sucker for aliens in sharp suits.


    I loved the first, but could they have erased it's style any more? This is indistinguishable from Mass Effect.

    Prey 1's style is obsolete. It was too similar to Doom 3/Quake 4 by the time it came out.

    I think you'll find this character's story will be linked with the original protagonist, they just haven't disclosed that yet.

    I've read that Tommy will show up partway through as somebody you have been working with for several years but don't remember (yay amnesia the solution to all plotline problems). I don't know how you could really bring back the style of the last one considering it was mostly made of ground up human meat with metal plates attached.

    The less it is like the first game the better.

    Blegh Regen health. And it was looking so good too. When is regenerating health finally going to die out- such a bland design choice.

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