Professor Layton Studio Making Gundam Game

Makes sense! Especially seeing how Layton designer Akihiro Hino is penning the story for new Gundam series, Gundam Age. His studio, Level-5, is also working on a new Gundam RPG for unspecified hardware.

Gundam Age will encompass a new anime series, toys, plastic models, a plastic figure based in-store game, and a card-based arcade game as well as the above mentioned Level-5 title. (Photos in the PDF below.)

Besides Professor Layton, Level-5 created the White Knight Chronicles series and developed Dragon Quest IX for Square Enix.

機動戦士ガンダムAGE [Bandai Namco]


    Don't forget the mega awesome Dark Cloud/Dark Chronicle/Rogue Galaxy trilogy of awesomeness on the ps2.

    Gundam, you just know their going to milk it.

    That being said I do love giant robots and if the can make me a good game I'm on board.

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