Prototype 2's E3 Trailer Orders A Side Of Ketchup

The first Prototype game seemed to be about punching helicopters. Its sequel, going by this E3 trailer, seems to be all about blood.


    And Inception music.

      You beat me to it.
      The first one was ok, got very repetitive very quicky, this just seems more of the same.

    I loved Prototype, still play it just for the carnage but I can't even watch a full trailer for this sequel without cringing.

    The storyline in the first worked as a great but flimsy cover for parkour/free-running inspired mayhem.

    This sequel though? It's like a Michael Bay film post Bad Boys 1; pointless in every sense of the word. I'll most likely buy it, but only at the lowest available bargain bin price I can find well after it's release date.

    And the Ghostbusters proton pack turn-on noise - twice.

    and walking in slow-motion

    but i can't wait, who gives a shit if the stories crap, the first one's wasn't very good as well, all i needed to know was "everyone hates you, so kill everyone"

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