Proving Ground Co-Host Dies In Crash

Ryan Dunn, Jackass daredevil and co-host of G4's Proving Ground, died in a Pennsylvania car crash this morning. He was 34.

Dunn's latest show, which co-stars IGN's Jessica Chobot and had the two testing memorable moments in video games, comics, TV and movies, premiered less than a week ago.

Dunn was driving his 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 on West Chester, Pennsylvania's Route 322 when he apparently lost control, driving off the road and into the woods. When police arrived about 2.30am on Monday they discovered the car fully engulfed in flames, according to the police report.

Both Dunn and an unidentified passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. West Goshen police say that speed may have been a contributing factor in the crash.

Earlier today co-host Jessica Chobot commented on the deadly crash on Twitter:

"Thank you for your condolences. Ryan was a wonderful friend, co-host and a brilliant man. My heart hurts for his family & friends and I will miss him greatly."

More on the crash can be found over on Jalopnik.


    Thats crazy.

    He'll be missed...

    RIP a funny man with one of the manliest beards ever

    Dunn was fearless. Every Jackass movie, whenever something was too much for Johnny or Steve-o to handle, Dunn would step up to the plate.

    A sad and early end to a guy who made me laugh so much it hurt on more than one occasion.

    RIP buddy

    Dude always made me laugh without fail :(

    forgot to mention that he was drinking earlier too with steve-o to raise 50k for a charity.

    Oh noo! Crap!
    RIP man! You will forever live on in
    the clouds of awesome!

    oh noooo!!!!
    does this mean they arent gonna make a Hangover 3 now??

    Such a shame. . . i thought ZZ Top were really cool.

      A guy DIED. Show some semblance of humanity douchebag.

    Do his memory a favour and chack out the movie Haggard. Obviously not Citizen Kane by any means but a very enjoyable and funny flick by the jackass crew

    Yeah Haggard the movie was awesome!! loved the stuff he did in CKY and Jackass funny shit!!

    RIP Ryan.

    Truly the greater jackass in the show Jackass...

    Loved all his CKY stuff, Jackass, movies and his later shows. Never missed a single one.

    He will be missed dearly :(

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