PS3 Hacker Resigned To Prison Sentence After Money Dries Up

American hacker George Hotz got all the headlines for his exploits trying to bring Linux back to the PS3, but he was only one of many working towards the same goal. And while Hotz today walks free, not everybody is so lucky.

Fellow hacker Alexander "graf_chokolo" Egorenkov, whose home was raided in February by police, has written on his blog that with his money having run out to fight Sony in court, he is "going to jail soon probably because [he]cannot pay court costs".

Last we heard Egorenkov was being sued by Sony for €1,000,000 ($1.4 million). That's obviously a sum the average human can't ever pay back, hence the preparation for alternative punishment.

Now, until a judge actually sentences him he's not going anywhere, but this does serve as a reminder that if you want to do what many see as the right thing, you have to be ready to fight for it. Like, really fight for it. Because the companies on the other side have a lot more money and lawyers than you ever will.

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    Sony, learn from your mistakes and don't make the hackers angry... They just don't learn do they, goodbye PSN :(

      "goodbye PSN :("

      lol'd so hard. Good stuff.

      Where is the PSN/Candle in the Wind mash up we so badly need.

    This all could've been solved if he just stopped being so public about his project when he received his cease and desist letter from Sony. And then release his hack into the wild when it would be too late for Sony to fix.

    But no he was neck deep with ego, therefore you get what ask for.


    I hope he gets a fair bit of time and that it sends a message to any self entitled want to be hackers that there are acceptable levels of "hacking", and unacceptable.

    Reverse engineering the security systems of an entire console OS and saying "Come at me bro" isn't acceptable.

      You have no idea what you are talking about, he never hacked anything all he tried to do was put linux back on the ps3 he never released hacks he released applications to do it.

      And also you think someone that hacked a ps3 deserves to go to jail for a long time? you are really retarded, that's a good idea lock up these people that are probably socially awkward and wouldn't hurt anybody but oooh they hacked a console lets lock them up.....

      How old are you 12?

        We also lock up well educated people who try their luck with insider trading, people who wouldn't even hurt a fly.


        Yeah, you're right. I totally don't know about this guy trying to hack the console to get Linux back by exploiting similar issues Fail Overflow found and Hotz bignoted himself about.

        I also totally don't know about this guy getting a cease and desist, so then uploading his work to the net so that even if he got arrested, his work could be picked up by other people.

        I can't understand at all why a company who owns that system might be pissed by it, or that uploading it with a "FUCK YOU!!!" message shows absolutely no intent of playing ball with the company about to rape you.

        If a company has a legal right to ask you to stop doing something and making it available to everyone - which they are entitled to do to protect their product and investments, by the way - and you then mass distribute it, knowing it will cause specified harm/damage to said products, then you are obviously wilfully defying their legal rights to ask you not to do so. Therefore, you're completely up shit creek and deserve everything that's coming to you.

        Adam, read the link referring to the raid in February. Egorenkov was working on unlocking the PS3, he wasn't charged for just possessing a hacked console. You'd have to be like 12 to make assumptions that foolish and ignorant.

        Unfortunately, he broke the law. He violated the EULA. If you do the crime, you do the time, regardless of the severity of said crime.

        He needs to man up and deal with it. We'll be seeing him in a year or so.

    Seems perfectly fine to me, I always bound home to strike / beat to death my children / pets / near by animals over crap game consols.

    This is disgusting. I am so not okay with this, they're making an example of him and it makes me sick. Motherfuckers, I don't even.

    Why is it btw that there's legal precedent that it's okay to hack iphones and root android but it's not ok to install linux on your ps3?


    If he was any good he wouldn't have got caught,.. Don't screw with a company that has a VERY pointy stick as far as hunting down and punishing hackers goes.

    =_____= considering he didn't hack anything rather just developed... plus he never really released any working linux... he is just a massive scapegoat... other hackers finished his work and linux works even on slim consoles.
    They took the feature out... so?
    You can't take advertised features out. He didn't do anything wrong... instead of targeting homebrew developers... they should be targeting the hackers of PSN... @[email protected]

      Sony only removed linux from phat ps3 after hotz showed progress.
      When sony chose to release slim without linux, that feature was hardly used. Ps3 always made for an underperforming linux box.

    Yes Sony, be ruthless and take him to court until he goes completely bankrupt.

    Because HV hacking and PS3 Linux will totally harm console sales...

      HV hacking and everything that flows on from it will harm software sales.

      About 0.0000001% of people who are running CFW do it for homebrew - most of the rest just want to pirate games.

    If hackers want to wage war... can they be surprised when they lose a war of attrition?

    Im not buying anymore Sony products.

    Well this is what happens when you screw around with a massive company like sony.

    The lack of empathy by some of you guys is appalling. Does seeing another person suffer at the hand of a filthy rich company give you pleasure? Does it tickle your e-dick?

    F♥cking with innocent people is what terrorists do. I can't believe all these geniuses who defend the acts of hackers. These b♥stards violate innocent people's privacy and call themselves Robin Hood.

    F♥ck recruiting these bastards. I say waterboard them for their secrets then throw them in a hole for the rest of their natural lives. Bernie Madoff ripped off a huge amount of money and is serving a gargantuan sentence. When a hacker creates that kind of damage, they should enjoy a comparable sentence.

    It's like finding out that the burglar who broke in and destroyed your terminally ill mother's life support equipment is now working as a highly paid "security consultant". There should be laws against allowing offenders to capitalise in this way. All it does is glamourise a hugely evil crime and cultivate more criminals.

    Don't give me this sh♥t about them doing the world a service by identifying security flaws. I could probably kick your front door in and waltz right into your house. Would you thank me if I did that?

    This is a real world problem with terrible repercussions, not a lefty-academic ethics exercise. These guys are thieves and vandals who don't give a sh♥t about you. Supporting their "cause" shows a real lack of empathy and is an insult to the innocent victims of the crimes.

    Tad Edit: Swear Count = 5. I think that's a record. Please try and mind your language in future, even if you feel strongly about something.

      Swear count 5!? only 5!
      I can beat that Tad!!!

      *clears throat*



        Nobody trolls TadMod! :P

          Very cunning stunt there Tad, well played sir! :-P

    Just to be clear. I'm talking about these so-called retaliation attacks. I have no idea if graf_chokolo has ever undertaken anything more nefarious than hobbying on the PS3. Not even sure that he's what I'd call a hacker.

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