PS3's New Flavor Is Lighter, Less Power-Thirsty

Andriasang says a new PS3 configuration is coming, but don't get your hopes too far up. The changes concern its power draw, weight, and the removal of LED lights. The hard drive for the CECH-3000B model still is 320GB, according to a retail source Andriasang quoted. The console cuts power consumption to 200W from 230W and drops in weight to 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs) from 3 kg (6.6 lbs). Pricing remains the same for the 320GB model and will make its way to shelves once the current stock runs out.


    well thank god. I was holding out on buying one because they drew 15% too much power, and weighed 4 newtons too much.
    Finally, Sony are listening.

      *facepalm* Its not MEANT to be a consumer advantage; its a company advantage. The idea is the more refined a model is; the cheaper it is to run AND to make. The article is about a new model, not a ploy to attract new people.

        50% disagree - I'm sure Sony will put some marketing behind it and try to get a sales boost out ot it by pushing it as a consumer advantage.

      Well, only 3.924 newtons technically.....
      No sale!

    Would be neat if the next Sony Bravia + PS3 deal will include this model. Might be able to convince my brother to buy his own PS3 then so he won't hog mine!!

    We at Sony care for our customers.

    That's why we have yet again redesigned the PS3 to be slightly more energy efficient, lighter, and stand out less by removing unseemly LEDs.

    Sure, we could lower the price to keep our profit margin the same since this is cheaper for us to produce than current models but where would be the fun in that? And we're all about fun here at Sony, especially when it means saving money and not passing on those savings to you, the consumer.

    Thanks for sticking with us, guys.

    Sony PR

      When retailers are left with surplus stock of the older versions of the PS3, you don't think they'll reduce the price?

      Oh, and I think there were 17 different hardware versions of their the Xbox or the PS1

        They're not being made available till current stock runs out.

        Also, the several (not 17) revisions of the xbox that did reduce production costs were timed with price drops.

          I don't think there were 18 price cuts to the PS2.

            And that's Sony for ya. Lower their costs, keep yours the same.

              That's EVERY company for you. They set prices to maximize profits, not to make consumers feel warm and fuzzy and loved.

          They're not being made available until SONY's current stock runs out. It's not like they're going to let the entire supply chain dry up until all the old ones are gone. If somebody gets down to their last 10 PS3 units and order more, Sony will ship them the new ones, not demand they clear out their remaining stock first.

          I seriously doubt you'll see any difference in pricing of the old stock anyway - "this one's $50 cheaper because it uses slightly more electricity!". If the new ones offered some significant benefit to the user (e.g. bigger hard drive) then you might expect to see the older ones drop in price. Otherwise, price drops happen when they're not happy with the sales they're getting at the current price point, not just because they've reduced their production costs.

    No LED's? Pfft. Not even a console anymore really...

    Damn! the latest flavour is still 200 watt! The Xbox 360 S is only 135 watt.

    Actually you forgot to add the most important feature, which is that it will be unhackable by current methods (and probably won't be hacked ever since there are already 40million? hackable ps3's)

    Atleast I assume that sony is making it unhackable....

    Sony says there will be no price drop, but that doesn't mean there will be no price drop for retailers.

    Because really, who actually goes and pays for a full price PS3.

    Also Sony may debate the reason there is no price drop due to all the money they spent for a team of people to design and create a more energy & lighter PS3. :)

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