PSN To Be "Fully Restored" By The End Of The Day

Sony just sent out a quick update letting customers know that "all PlayStation Network services" should be back up and running by the end of today, June 2. That's for everywhere except Japan, Hong Kong and Korea, that is. [Sony]


    Sick! I can hear my wallet crying already... or is that my wife screaming? ;)

    wow.. so soon i may be able to get my first ever glimpse at the PSN store... oooo shiny!

      Buy flower. Cause it is the best game ever.

      Man the PSN store is the best thing about the PS3 IMO.

      Pixel Junk Monsters
      PixelJunk Eden
      PixelJunk Shooter 1 and 2
      Noby Noby Boy
      Super Stardust
      Critter Crunch

      So many awesome games.

        How much are they, on average?

          Between $8 - $12 for all of those listed I think.

        I bought flower a year or so ago and it just. would. not. install. Tried downloading from scratch 5 or 6 times, but failed at 20% into the install phase every time.

        Seems that there were some corrupt files floating around in the Australian content delivery network, so the only solution was to download it yet again through a US proxy. Then it worked first time. Bloody ridiculous.

        Great game, was totally worth it in the end.

          I had the exact same problem with Flower. Downloaded fine but stopped installing 1/4 of the way through. It was an Australia-wide glitch as you said.

          I didn't use any US proxy. Jsut tried it for the 25th time and it suddenly worked.

        A friend of mine got this because I kept bugging him, telling him it was a great game. Finally he did and I got to play it at his place, now that I have my own PS3 I totally fogot about it, thanks for the reminder.

        I am a little worried after this whole credit card thing though, you can buy PSN store credit at JB can't you?

    gonna get me some Super Stardust HD

    So we'll be able to get our free stuff? Woo! I can play inFAMOUS this weekend... or the copy of Crysis 2 I just bought. Hmm.

    quick question, since i've got two accounts on my ps3 (mine and my brothers) does that mean we can each chose two of the games? and if so, could i play the games he chooses and vice versa? if thats all true, then that would be perfect, because i already have little big planet, but none of the others :D

    I picked up US$150 store credit the day PSN went down so I'm been very impatient about putting those codes in to PSN!

    I knew it was a good idea to pick up a PSN card at lunch. Outland, here I come (and the freebies of course - yay, for two accounts)!

    Prediction for next headline:
    "Sony PSN outages again due to heavy demand"


      I know it is cruel, but I would really laugh if it happened. They just can't catch a break.

    It's back online now.

      Is there any new content? or is it just as it was before it went down?

    I'm assuming that's 'end of today' (June 2nd) US time? Because if so, that's tomorrow night for us Aussies, right?

      - We live in the future so we should've had it first! :(

    Gunna get me some free content

    Can't wait for Outland!

    So i take it that today is Day 0 of the 30 day 'Welcome Back' period?

    can someone confirm this?
    reason being, i will be out of country for 3 weeks, wanna make sure i will still be able to get my goodies when i return.

    A thousand billion dollars says US gets free games immediately but Australia is 'TBD'.

    also in regards to the posts above, I have 2 PS3's.
    1 has two accounts, the other has one account.

    does this mean i get a total of 6 free games?
    i know there are only 5 to choose from (of which i already own 2) but just wanted to check if this was the case.

      If all 3 accounts are unique, then yes, each account is capable of 2 free games.

      Provided these accounts are actual PSN accounts, ie: ones that have accessed the store previously.

      As for your last post, the Welcome Back stuff hasn't been added just yet, so I would expect the 30 days doesn't stuff til that stuff is added.

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