PSP Cross The 70 Million Mark

The PlayStation Portable has reached 70 million sold worldwide. The PSP first launched in Japan in December 2004, and the following year in the West.


    Proud owner since launch day, baby!!

    I spent $600-800 on the console and games and was there at midnight.

    love you baby

      Wait... What did a PSP cost at launch??

        $350... So i actually would have spent around 600 lol

    Not too shabby, just another 75 million units to go and they match the DS :P

      Yeah, and the 360 and PS3 only have to sell another 16 and 19.5 million approx respectively to match the PSP. It's done pretty well.

    Ahhhh, sweet PSP. My saviour on the daily commute and (once it was out of warranty) such a damn fine portable homebrew/emulation device. *hugs psp*

    Out of all my consoles, my PSP has been my most loyal.

    Still going strong.

    I thought the PSP cost $450 at launch?

    I'm looking my lunch day original psp1000 box, and it still has the EB price tag of $499 :s

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