Psychonauts Is Back Where It Belongs

Having been the property of companies like THQ and Majesco, the platforming rights to cult platformer Psychonauts are now back where they belong: with Double Fine, the people who actually made the game.

That's according to a slightly premature tweet from a Double Fine employee, at any rate, who after dropping the info says that a more official announcement is coming.

What this means is that, unlike every copy sold until now (from which a large cut of the proceeds went to a publisher), from here on every copy of Psychonauts sold will see most of that money go back to Double Fine. So they can keep on making games like Psychonauts, Costume Quest and Brutal Legend.

This isn't a common situation for a (relatively) major developer to find themselves in, so if you feel like supporting the team and playing one of the better (and funnier) platformers of the last decade, you can get the game on Steam and Xbox Live's Game Marketplace.

Twitter [via Giant Bomb]


    Want: Trenched.

    You can also pick it up for $9.99 DRM free at 'Good Old Games' - updated to run on windows 7 etc.

    I haven't got around to buying it yet, but I know I will one of these days :P

    Happy days for Tim and lads then. Loved that game when it came out.

    Good on them, it was one of the better games I'd ever played ... hell, I'm just a fan of Tim Schafer and Richard Horvitz so having them together just saves me some money

    More Psychonauts please... or just more Double Fine is ok.

      I loved Psychonauts on the PS2, but I don't really want more. Some games don't need sequels.

    Shame most Double Fine fans will already have at least one copy by now.

    Last count I've got three different versions... o_O

    I've already got two versions lol.

    I hope they make a sequel though!

    Now that they've got the rights back I'm planning on getting a copy.

    Can't really afford to drop another 10 bucks on it for the sake of generosity, but I'm very happy for the studio. Great game, severely under appreciated.

    Really should get this on XBLA at some point.

    Yeah, I have the PS2 and the PC version - mind you, it's a game I'd happily buy again if they released it for PS3/Xbox, all HD'd and trophied out *hint hint*

    Failing that, highly recommend the version found at Good Old Games - dirt cheap, runs natively on Windows 7 and still looks gorgeous.

    So if we start buying PC versions of this again will they start releasing games for PC again?

    On the strength of Psychonauts I would by stacked and trenched if they were offered

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