Rainbow Six Set To Invade New York With Home-Grown Terrorism

A new interpretation of the classic Rainbow Six, the tough-as-nails tactical shooter that asked gamers to carefully plan out the nuance of a breach like a choreographed dance, is in the works, a source familiar with the unannounced Ubisoft shooter tell Kotaku.

We've also heard that the game will in many ways be a departure from the sameness found in Rainbow Six: Vegas and its sequel, and a return to what helped separate the shooter from others of its ilk.

It's unclear if the in-development game will be shown at E3.

The original Rainbow Six is more tactical and focused on stealth than on weapons. Before each mission, in those early games, players were asked to view a briefing and then build a team, pick their weapons and equipment and finally create waypoints that the secondary members of the team would follow. Once the mission started, players had only control of one team member at a time.

Rainbow Six will be a far more story-driven game than previous iterations of the Tom Clancy branded title. The game is meant to take a step in a different direction, telling a bigger, much more gritty cinematic story than previous versions of the game.

In this still-to-be-titled Rainbow Six, players will be tasked with stopping a homegrown terrorist group operating in America. The group, fed up with the greed of Wall Street and the government that acts to protect them, decides to target New York City.

While the gameplay is based on some classic Rainbow Six mechanics, there is a brand new cover system that takes you out of the first-person perspective and into the third.

A new icon-rich graphics style helps to highlight members of your team during a mission and other pertinent information.

Contacted on Thursday, Ubisoft declined to comment.


    YES YES YES!!!! Finally! The best shooter game makes it's return! F♥ck yeah!!! Screw Call of Duty and that non realistic run and gun sh♥t with a horrible fanbase... Rainbow Six the first MLG game from the Xbox 360 is coming back and that's all I'm playing...

    Finally they announce it. I knew it was in the works and figured E3 2011 was the time they would thanks Kotaku you just made my day, no my year!

    Finally back to RVS and RS




    How is this article out considering it is June 2cnd. But new Rainbow Six has me excited, hey I Wall Street throw in Rage Against the Machine Soundtrack and I am sold. Hope to see this at E3 come on Ubisoft show us this and a new Splinter cell and I will look past Splinter Cell conviction the action game you made that was nothing like your greatest Splinter cell Chaos Theory.

    It's entierly possible I just jizzed in my pants

    Just remembered why I've been so dissatisfied with every shooter I've played the last year, none of them were Rainbow Six.

    Interesting story though, um, can we have the option to join the terrorists though? I like their ideas!

    ... not that I'm advocating terrorism mind you, I'm more of the pacifist Ghandi type (If everyone takes an eye for an eye the whole world will be blind). I'm just not sure how excited I'd be about defending Goldman and Sachs executives against gun wielding crazies.


    Although...New York City agaaain?

    "there is a brand new cover system that takes you out of the first-person perspective and into the third."

    I'm pretty sure that's not new for the series... anyone? Confirm/deny?

    i hope u guys put in some good guns like the M249 SAW, and the semi automatic Barret sniper rifle also from the last two games; the 552 Commando. That was my favorite assault rifle

    im really siked for this game either way really.

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