Rare To Demo New Voice Controlled Games?

As we discussed last week, Australia is yet to receive voice control for Kinect, despite the fact it was one of the major selling points of the device. Now, Rare is looking set to demo some new games that utilises that very function.

According to 123Kinect, a source at Rare claimed that the team is "working very hard on a big demo at E3 that will involve the voice aspect far more during gameplay." A claim which backs up earlier statements from Rare's studio manager Scott Henson who claimed that Rare was looking at ways to bring Kinect's voice control "front and center".

All will no doubt be revealed during Microsoft's press conference early tomorrow morning (2am AET - we'll be awake and covering it for you guys) but we're quietly hoping for more games to take advantage of Kinect's innovative features. There's no reason why a smart developer can't find a way to integrate voice control into traditional, controller led video games.

We've already heard reports that Mass Effect 3 will use Kinect in some capacity, we'd like to see other developers follow suit.

E3 2011 Rumor: Rare working on big Kinect voice demo [123Kinect]


    So do you think Microsoft will stop procrastinating now and actually release Australian voice command capability.

    They could well time the Aussie voice control release with this title(s). Makes sense.

    So no response from Microsoft about voice support yet Mark?

      Even though I prodded them in the ribs with that story last week - we won't hear anything until after E3 unfortunately. Unless there's some sort of 'Voice Control in all regions by XXXX" announcement at E3 conf.

        Cheers. I find it scary that I'm already jazzed for them to announce it at E3.


        "Hell yeah! Finally! Woo!"

        KINECT 2011/2012 GAMES ANNOUNCED

        "Oh God noooo!"

    I always get self-conscious when 'talking' to a video game. I had a go of Nintendogs for the DS and I always used to wait until everybody was out of the house before I would start playing. :P

    But, I don't have an Xbox, so...

    "Kinect uses advanced entertainment technology to respond to the sound of your voice. Just say “Xbox” to reveal a series of voice commands. So you’ll be able to control HD movies with the sound of your voice—no remote required"
    Micrsoft, take the false advertising off your fucking website or update your software for voice support or at he bottom of the text in Huge bold font write"NOT AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA BECAUSE YOU ALL TALK FUNNY AND WE DON"T REALLY GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU". Seriously Microsoft your braking my balls here

      here here!

      If it's American it should be Y'ALL TALK FUNNY.

    I still want a DBZ game which has you do more damage the more you shout and draw out the syllables. Everyone say it with me:

    Kaaaaaaaaaa- meeeeeeeeeeee---

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