Razer's 4G Dual Sensor Technology Makes For A Ridiculously Precise Gaming Mouse

What's better, a laser mouse or a standard optical mouse? That's a question answered by Razer's new 4G Dual Sensor Technology, combining laser and optical sensors to create a mouse capable of tracking at 6400dpi.

Dots per inch (or more accurately CPi - counts per inch) is the measure of the number of steps a mouse takes when moving one inch. The higher the number, the greater the precision, and Razer's new technology is showing off some truly impressive numbers. 6400DPi is more DPi than most of us will ever need, but to a professional gamer with snakelike mouse reflexes, it represents a true edge.

"I'm really excited by the leaps and bounds we've come in developing the world's most precise and advanced sensor technology. We worked closely with many pro-gamers to fine-tune the sensor under intense gaming conditions, ensuring it achieved a level of tracking accuracy that met their high-level demands," said Robert "RazerGuy" Krakoff, President, Razer USA. "The mouse is core to any gaming setup. It's where our roots are, when we pioneered competitive gaming and developed the world's first gaming mouse. Today, it is still one of the key areas for our R&D and it's quite exciting to bring such a significant sensor evolution to gamers worldwide."

The 4G Dual Sensor tech will be standard for Razer gaming mice from here on out, starting with the latest versions of the Imperator and Mamba models. Check out the stats on the latest Mamba, on sale this month at Razerzone.com for $US129.99:

• Gaming-grade wireless technology • 6400dpi 4G Dual Sensor System • Dual mode wired /wireless functionality • 1000Hz Ultrapolling /1ms response time • Multi-colour lighting • Up to 200 inches per second* /50g acceleration • Approximate size: 128mm x 70mm x 42.5mm • Battery Life: 16 hours (continuous gaming usage)

All that tech and multi-color lighting as well? What more could a PC gamer ask for?


    $179.95 Australia Store BS! Ebay here I come.

    Will it randomly jump about (even without the mouse moving) like my last Razer paperweight? How about take 6 months for a firmware update to fix that problem, only the firmware won't even install and crashes my pc everytime?

      Don't badmouth razer because you have no idea how to properly use a real gaming mouse.

      If your mouse was jumping around it is because you were not using it on the correct surface/mousepad, it has to solid and flat like wood or one of the "plated" mousepads for lack of a better explanation.

      And the firmware is not crashing your computer because guess what, IT INSTALLS ON THE MOUSE, not your computer. Yes that's right, razer mice have inbuilt memory.

        A hard surface whether it be your desk or one of the hard surface pads from Razer they're probably the worst surface for their mice.

        My Lachesis which I coupled with a Razer Exact mat, it took about 6 months before the feet on the mouse were worn down to almost nothing. I then switched to a cloth pad and all was good, I found it was a better surface in general as well.

          You do know the rubber feet are replaceable? And if you've used up your replacement feet found in the box you can always eBay them: http://shop.ebay.com.au/i.html?LH_PrefLoc=2&_kw=razer&_kw=feet

            Yeah I know & Razer sell them also on their site for 12 bucks (I think).. I don't own the Lachesis anymore, anyway. But I would expect a $100+ mouse to have feet last longer than 6 months. Mine never came with replacement feet anyway.

    never had a problem with my razer mamba
    razer keyboards on the other hand...

    My only bone to pick with the Razer line is my Mamba just on a year the rubber is disintegrating. It's more acceptable on my Lycosa where the keys are wearing away after 4 years of solid use so far!

    Razer make great products but some things on their products seem a little cheap at times.

    Still tempted to buy a DeathAdder, though I would miss the wireless of my Mamba.

    Might look to invest in this gen Mamba if it proves to be better than mine.

    "All that tech and multi-color lighting as well? What more could a PC gamer ask for?"

    A left-handed option for a high end gaming mouse????

      try the left-handed death-adder

      +2 @ Tunza

    +1 @ Tunza

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