Ready To Turn Down Idols Once More? But Now In Bikinis?

Last December, Namco Bandai released a PSP game with the goal of turning down the advances of over 40 young Japanese idols. Dating simulator? Not quite, it was a dumping simulator, and you were supposed to settle on one of those girls.

Now you can do that again!

AKB48 1/48 returns with AKB48 1/48: When You Fall in Love with an Idol in Guam.... The game is set in, you guessed it, Guam. Once again, members of Japan's most popular idol group AKB48 throw themselves at players.

Like the first game, it will come in an array of different bundles, such as a "First Run Limited Edition" version that comes with a copy of the game, a 120 minute UMD with outtakes, a four set 420 minute making-of and "fashion collection" DVD set, a set of pics, a Team 4 special DVD, 48 small posters, download code for 48 different custom themes, and a Blu-ray film of the first game.

The bundle is priced at ¥13,629 ($161). It does not come with a PSP, probably because the first game was packaged with a PSP. If you bought that, then you probably wouldn't buy another bundle with a PSP.

There are two other version that simply include some photos and the extra UMD; it's priced at ¥7329 ($86). The "regular" edition - yours for ¥5229 or $61 - only comes with an extra photo.

The game will be out this October.

No word on whether the game includes virtual AKB48 member Aimi Eguchi.

今度はグアムで水着と"神告白"だ! AKB48のゲーム化第2弾「AKB1/48 アイドルとグアムで恋したら…」が2011年10月6日に発売(AKB1/48 アイドルとグアムで恋したら…) [ via Kotaku Japan ]


    "If you bought that, then you probably wouldn’t buy another bundle with a PSP."

    Not that most people could, since the preorder sold out in half an hour. Same thing happened with the Monster Hunter PSP; don't these companies want to make money? Why would they make such a stupidly limited amount of these things when there's an obvious demand for them? There was a $100 price increase over buying a regular PSP + the 2nd best game pack, so it was clear they were making a profit...

    Dumping simulator? Dating ones are sad but this is just stupid

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