Realistic Gengar Is The Pokémon Of Your Nightmares


    Bit late to the Pokemon alt-art party aren't we?


      Pokemon art has been pretty consistently featured on art blogs for like 15years now..


        That was my point you twat.

    Jesus, that thing belongs in the next Doom game.

    Jeez, looks like a 'critter' from the movies with the same name lol

      Good call. First thing I thought as well

        Same here

    If pokemon were this cool, I would actually play it.

    KILL IT!!! Kill it till it's dead!!! ... what's that, it's already dead? RUN AWAY!!!

    American McGee's Pokemon?

      Why did you say that?! Now I will dream of such a game forever, and it will never come out! lol

        I can see it now, Red/Blue Apocolypse. Ash returns to whatever world the first two games were set in to find everything is trashed, battles are played to the death (as opposed to the kid friendly fainting), pokemon are attacking people during battles.

        Ash must get to the bottom of it and save his mum or some shit

    Gengar has always been my favourite pokemon, I would have this hideous creature as a pet.

    So tempting to get thid tattooed on me

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