Remember This?

Can you remember this game based on one screenshot? 'Yes' is the most likely answer to that question! If you guys manage to get this before I check back in, feel free to get teary and reminisce over this classic game.



      Scratch that, totally wrong!

        Sounds like that 'totally wrong' is totally wrong :)

    Oh my god! I used to play that in primary school... but I have no idea what it was called.

    It reminds me of something a younger sibling was playing once but I can't get a name!

    Finally a Remember This that I actually know the answer for. It's my time to shine.

    The answer is Zoombinis Logical Journey.

    At the end of the level the bees came out and chased everyone not on the tree branch away. I never lost so many Zoombinis as I did on this level.

    Logical Journey of the Zoombinis!!!!!!

    i was addicted to this game -- Loved the pizza puzzle!

      There's something on this pizza I don't like!

      Fleens?! You're not Fleens! Whatever you are, MAKE ME A PIZZA!


    Or something...

    ZOOMBINIS!!! can't remember the full title but my god did love this game

      *my god did I love this game, damn phone not registering keypresses...

    Finally one I know! ZOOMBINIS!

    Zoombinis - Maths Journey. Loved this series as a kid :D

    Is that some The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis?

    Damn logic puzzles, was way too much for my child mind to comprehend. Just like DOS Lemmings.



    All right! Zoombini's Logical Journey, a classroom favourite for people my age! I'm looking for an old Mac to play my copy on for my students.

    Zumbinis!!! I used to play this game ALOT when I was younger I could never forget this game :D

    Art style reminds me of Zoombinis (kids game), but thought they were blu.

    I have a vague feeling of recognition, but I have no idea what it is.

      Well from all the replies it seems it's Zoombinis.
      The name sounds familiar, and some other screenshots do too, but I think I only played it a couple of times.

    It's Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.

    Ah, primary school memories at their finest.

    Aha, finally, one I know.

    Zoombinis 2: Mountain Resuce

      Actually, no. It was the first one.


    I used google fu to figure this one out. Are you expecting anyone to guess this Mark? Or are you just trying to weed out the cheaters? :p

      Look at all these responses. Great! Now I'm feeling old!

    Zoombeanies... or something like that.

    I used to play it back in primary school. :)

    Is this that horrible Zoombinis game? I say horrible because back in school it was the only game they had on the computers.

    Zoombinis! I can remember playing that on my old mac and trying to get the pizza right! great game

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