Remember This?

Oh yes, I'm going to get you guys this time. No way you guys are going to guess this game from a single screenshot. Alright, I'm kidding myself. I'm pretty sure someone will get it. Do your worst, and feel free to discuss the game in question once you inevitably guess it correctly!


    Winter games on my 286?

      It's more likely than you think.

    Is that Nagano Winter Olympics from the 64?

      I thought exactly the same thing. Unfortunately, I don't think this resembles the halfpipe from Nagano '98 on the 64 [love that game, it's so terrible yet so good].

      Not sure whether it's 1080 Snowboarding either...

      You shouldn't say things like that, it's racist.

      Just Kidding

    Sega Rally

    No idea, but it makes me want to go and play Snowboard Kids again...

    Is that Cool Boarders 1 or 2 by any chance? For the Playstation?

    Off topic, but what was the game from the 13th of June?

    Something makes me think of the snowboarding minigame in FF7, but the screenshot has textures so that can't possibly be the case.

    This reminds me I still have a copy of Cool Boarders 2 laying about somewhere.

    I'm not sure if that's the screenshot though...

    Was it 1080 for the Nintendo 64?

    it is of course none other than 1080° Snowboarding on N64.

      I reckon it is too.

      A lot of people played that game for a game that only had 4 levels...

      Looks more like PS1/Saturn graphics to me. I'm thinking the fact it looks a bit like a snowboarding pipe is to throw us off, I'm not sure what it actually is but I'm thinking Sega Rally is on the right track...maybe I'll throw V-Rally for PS1 out there just to be different.

    I'd go with the PSX Cool Boarders too

    Its not the first Colin McRae Rally is it???

    1080 snowboarding!

    Shawn White Snowboarding (Wii)

    Sega Rally 1995?

    V-Rally 64?

    I would have said either Cool Boarders or 1080 on N64.

    Oh man the start of Cool Boarders.

    "Cooooooooool Boooooooordeeeeeeeeers!"
    I swear that's how the title screen sounded.

    First thought was Sega Rally

    Rallisport on PC?

    Sega Rally, I reckon.

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