Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? I'm guessing yes, mainly because you guys are crazy like that! Chuck your guesses in the comments below.


    Dungeon Keeper.
    Not sure which one though

    Finally! One I can recognise!

    Dungeon Keeper 2

    I would say DK 2. Looks a bit sharper than DK 1 than I remember.

    Great game loved it

      I only played DK1. Thats available on GoG now right? Might invest in that.

      I loved the design of the game, and the voice over work. That feeling of danger when your dungeon broke through into a chasm or a good guys lair, and you knew things were gonna get hectic. And when you finally beat down those pesky good guys and see them collapse. haha!

      Oh it's on. It's on like.... a giant monkey in an underground dungeon!

    Yup, DK2.
    Dk1 was superior IMHO

    Dungeon Keeper 2. DK1 didn't have the 3d effect like that, iirc

    i LOVED the original dungeon Keeper.. it was so rad.. but i am still yet to play #2 :(

    DUNGEON KEEPER 2! I just had a game of this on the weekend with my room mate. So much epicness.

    The pink diamonds on top of the walls give it away but it's a nicely constructed screen shot anyway trying to make it look like a city or whatever. :)

    Dungeon Keeper 2:

    Nobody has mentioned this is a picture of the Hatchery. Considering this has only a single coop - it's a 3x3 square. Now you just need to grab that chicken and slap it.

    A Bile Demon has become unhappy because it has been slapped.

      Your MINIONS are under ATTACK!

        One of your imps does a great impression of you. He can even do the ears.

        And the best one:

        "Your dungeon is full of yoghurt."

    As said before Dungeon Keeper 2, a most awesome game. Recently went back and played this with a mate, so much fun. I wish they had made Dungeon Keeper 3. We should make a DK2 playdate.

    Saw DK2 on a friend's computer ages ago, only recently found a copy at Dungeon Crawl, love it.
    To make this one really difficult would have been fun to see a screenshot from the first person view you get when you take over a minion.
    I wonder how many people would have got it then...

      Also, I still miss Bullfrog. Their originality and daring should be mourned. I'd like to see a "where are they now"-style of the members of the studio.

        Agreed. I spent so much time on "Theme Park" it wasn't funny.

    The damn mistress' kept screeming.... make it stop!

      People that enjoy being slapped?

      My innocent young mind was never the same again.

        I always found it a little wrong that the mistresses tortured each other in the torture chamber for fun. It might explain a few things about my now adult self...

    tomb raider

      Dungoen Keeper (series)...IMHO the best game ever - that and the voice of the guy in the first one ...talking about how lovely the towns are in a scarcastic manner!..."Your minions are getting hungry!"

    SimCastle with the Lutheran Add-on pack.

    Those of you wishing for a DK3:

    It is being revived by a team of indie devs!

    Still in VERY early days but it's looking to be awesome.

    Hah, I knew what it was the second I saw it. I spent way, way, way too much time playing DK2. The Dungeon Keeper series was the best, I would love to see a new, well made Dungeon Keeper.

    Plus Dungeon Keeper 1 had my all-time favourite opening cinematic (and one of the coolest songs I'd ever heard in a game at the time):

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