Report: Lulz Security Sony Hacker Arrested

As hacker collection Lulz Security claims it snagged Sony Computer Entertainment's Developer Network source code, newspaper The Epoch Times reports that one LulzSec member, Robert Cavanaugh, is believed to be in FBI custody.

The group frequently posts updates on its Twitter, @LulzSec, providing updates and even taunting Sony. In late May, the hacker collective tweeted, "Hey @Sony, you know we're making off with a bunch of your internal stuff right now and you haven't even noticed? Slow and steady, guys."

Earlier this week, LulzSec apparently went after Sony BMG and Sony Pictures and broke into Nintendo USA's website.

LulzSec Hacker Arrested, Group Leaks Sony Database [Epoch Times]


    Wonder how many lulz are happening right now, or wether pants are needing to be changed.

      i wish lulz security would highlight my story of police corruption,im 76-and 4 years ago i was kidnapped by the police and held in solitary confinement for 12 hours and interrogated for 1 and a half hours,just after i was released from hospital with the loss of 4 pints of blood 2 broken teeth and 24 stitches in my head,since then ive discovered the chief constable is corrupt,the umbudsman is corrupt the compensation agency is corrupt,my m-p is corrupt,since then the police have sent me a 1 mnute mockery of my interrogation tape--so who do i turn to for justice when the legal system is itself is corrupt--

    Lulzsec claim Robert wasn't affiliated with them.

      That's what all criminal groups do when one of them gets caught...

        No More "Honour Amongst Theives"??? :P

      Looking people up on IRC and getting their ISP account is really really easy, it's a feature...

      I don't think Robert is involved with them as a hacker, or he would have been using a proxy, looks to me like FBI just shot a bystander.

    I bet once any of these orsm hackers are in FBI custody they'll shit bricks and spill the beans like it's going out of fashion.

    Are you guys kidding? do you really think hackers do time? why put away a valuable person who can be payed out and forced to work on their internal systems to fix leaks and make it harder for future attacks, its like the modern frank abagnale story. Well depending if this person did have any serious involvement as i would presume good hackers don't get caught.

      Considering they attacked a FBI affiliated server, the Feds there could use the Patriot act to keep them in custody for a while.

        We can only hope. I hope the security this guy has around his anal virginity is better than the security Sony had around their servers.

          +923u2p3o4i2po3 x 100000000

        "Keep" them in custody? No. No. Stick them in solitary confinement for weeks, keep them cold, deprived of sleep, waterboard them and stack them into a naked human pyramids of various sizes.

        I don't think these little nuts would be too hard to crack for the FBI. They'll be spilling the beans on their little hacker buddies pretty soon and their group will fall. There is no anonymity on the Internet.

    Holy s*** an SQL injection! Sony Pictures got breached with an SQL injection! Are you f**king kidding me! What the s*** kind of security does Sony use. I don't know if I feel safe with Sony ever having my CC details again.

    *Tries really hard to think of a good zing*

    ...More like LulzSUCK amirite?

    I think they did the SQL Injection on purpose, meaning... they knew they would get caught. I think it was to prove a point to Sonys arrogance.

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