Report: Sony Knew The PSN Leak Was Huge, It Just Waited To Tell You

According to a report from Kyodo News, citing official Japanese government documentation, Sony Computer Entertainment knowingly delayed telling the public about the extent of an attack on its PlayStation Network so as not to "bewilder" its customers.

The report, submitted to the Japanese government and obtained under a freedom of information request, says that SCE was able to confirm internally on April 25 (American time) that a "fairly large amount of data" had been exposed to hackers. A press release issued the next day, however, only stated that Sony could not "rule out the possibility" that personal information had been compromised.

It's also claimed that PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai gave incorrect information in a statement issued on May 1, in which he said Sony didn't learn about the extent of the attack until April 26 (American time), a full day later than the company confirmed matters internally.

The official document also says that Sony delayed informing the public of the extent of the breach so as not to "bewilder" its customers, a spokesperson saying "We hadn't figured out (at that time) what kind of data had been leaked. If only passwords and IDs (were breached), they cannot be considered personal information, and so we didn't want to bewilder our customers."

While being out by a day seems minor, that discrepancy combined with the gap between what Sony knew internally and what it told people publicly still raises the possibility - and this is why the Japanese government is looking into this - that, as Kyodo News puts it, Sony "deliberately attempted to downplay the seriousness of the situation by not fully disclosing information".

Sony knew data breach was massive but withheld full disclosure [Kyodo news, subscription required]


    Ah, I'm over it.

      same here


        Don't see the point of this report. Angry people will continue to be angry, and blasé people will continue to be blasé, regardless of this news.

    I don't see anything wrong with what they said officially if this article is true.

    They supposedly knew on the 25th that a "fairly large" amount of data could have been leaked, and said that they knew the 'extent' of it on the 26th? They're too different things. One is "We thought" the other is "We knew." Completely legit there, that's not lying, or doing anything wrong. Stop trying to throw as much blame on them as possible.


    like i said when this whole fiasco started, they needed to assess the situation before saying anything, otherwise people jump to conclusions and things get more out of hand

    Yeah, I'm not on PSN but if the same happened to XBL, I'd likely be up-in-arms for a short while and then quickly start to not care anymore. The fact that they took so long to publicise it is no surprise considering the weight of the news they were giving....they had to have all the details before saying anything...

    Why is he eating a massive stack of pancakes at the office?? lol

    Kevin Butler, VP of fucking bullshit.

    It's kind of a case of the kettle calling the pot black...

    "Deliberately downplaying the seriousness of the situation by not fully disclosing information."

    Japanese nuclear crisis, anyone?

    It's Japanese culture to downplay everything and quell panic. Just about any other Japanese company would have done the same thing given the same circumstances.

    Not really giving a crap now. :)
    Sony gave me free stuff. Im back online on PSN and enjoying the store purchases again. :D

    Not "News Worthy" to me. NEEEEEXXT!!!! ;P

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