Respawn Entertainment Offers First Cryptic Look At Its Post Call Of Duty Project

There are signs of life from Respawn Entertainment, the studio founded by ousted Call of Duty creators Jason West and Vince Zampella, as the developer's web site has gone live, including two teasers that will tell you next to nothing about its still unannounced game.

The former Infinity Ward developers are working on a new title to be published by Electronic Arts, a game that's rumoured to be a "sci-fi-oriented shooter", a game that you shouldn't expect anytime soon. Respawn began cryptically teasing its debut effort today with the launch of its new website in the form of one zoomed-in abstract shot, one totally blurred out shot. Art? Screenshot? I'm frantically trying sharpening filter techniques to find out.

But based on the provided images, expect Respawn Entertainment's unnamed game to have graphics and things (buildings, maybe?). And the word "DOWN".

Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were fired from Infinity Ward in 2010, grabbing some key talent as they left the building, are currently embroiled in a lawsuit or two with their former employer Activision. That case is expected to go to court later this year.

You can poke around the new Respawn Entertainment website for kicks, if you'd like, but don't expect to see too much beyond pictures of its office space, its employees and the promise of video games to come.


    I hate Respawn just as much as I hate Activision and THQ.

      I don't see how considering they have actually done absolutely nothing yet

      I don't see your justification to hate Respawn just yet?

    I'm really curious to see what comes out of Respawn. They have some amazing talent to work with.

    THQ? You mean EA?

    So Ion Storm then?

    Hey...that kind of looks like a Halo-esce ladnscape towering off in the right half of the background...

    BREAKING NEWS! Respawn working on new Halo title! JOURNALISM!

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