Robin Williams Named His Daughter After Princess Zelda

It takes a triforce of courage to name your daughter after a video game character, but Robin Williams pulled it off.

Watch Williams co-star with his daughter Zelda Williams in this ad for the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS.


    Heard about this years back on Letterman but that's just an awesome ad :D

    god thats funny :D

    That's awesome.

    Easily the best reaction to this video:

    I just threw my wallet at my monitor, I dont even know why.

    That was gold!

    I KNEW IT!

    Santa is a real person!


    Great ad :)

    I have the biggest grin on my face right now :D

    I was sure it was his son that was a fan of the Zelda series and suggested he name his daughter "Zelda". I think it was on Oprah that I seen him tell the story, back in the SNES days.

    My wife had allowed me to call my child Zelda if it was a girl. However we had a boy so he is named Dexter after "Dexter's Lab".

    I found this awesome video on youtube that Kotaku should totally feature, it is celebrating the release of OOT 3D by spreading Ocarina Awareness. def FTW:

    I was thinking of naming my kid after Zelda as well, but decided that might not be a good idea when I'm going on about the game all the time. :P

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